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From the Germans we can not expect any pleasant surprises. Now we have part one: Volkswagen has launched a version of its model segment C has the installation of gas liquefied oil.
Golf Plus BiFuel model works with both petrol and liquefied gas oil.
The car is equipped with an engine with 4 cylinders, 1.6 l, 98 HP. It consumes 9.8 l 7.5 liters LPG or petrol, every hundred kilometers.
The car can be classified as a bio because when is working gas, the car emits about 10% less carbon dioxide than when using petrol (159 g / km from 179 g / km).

VW Golf Plus GPL

VW Golf Plus GPL

Golf Plus LPG has a petrol tank with a capacity of 55 liters and one for gas, mounted in place of spare wheel to save space, with a capacity of 43 liters.
Unfortunately, the Golf Plus LPG will be available only in Germany and the minimum price for the car will be 22,460 euros, a reasonable price, right?

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