Golf VI GTI tuned by CFC

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As I have said before, Volkswagen Golf is my weakness, and if I see it as a tuning product, it just melts my heart for good.

And all I can say is that I love what the guys from Car Film Components or CFC have done to Volkswagen Golf VI GTI . Starting from design and continuing with interior or the power upgrade, everything is absolutely gorgeous.

Firstly, we have the matte grey vinyl car wrap, carbon fiber pieces on the roof and mirrors, a comic strip on the  front fenders, GTI logos, fuel cap, and inner part of the front grille. And the carbon fiber does not stop here, being also applied on the front spoiler, side skirts, and rear diffuser.

Then, we move on to the 19 inch alloy rims that are delivered wrapped in Hankook EvoS1 high performance tires sized 225/35R19.  You can opt for either pink or red, both beautiful colors.

But let’s not forget about the power upgrade which improved this car from 210 PS and 280 Nm of torque to 270 PS and 400 Nm of torque. And since we are on this topic, the guys from CFC also wanted to add a high performance braking system, and a super high-end audio system built by MK SoundStyle, which can be bought for €10,000 or $13,000 in the United States.

Too much talking. Check out the photos, then tell me what you think!