Taking the Brand New Skoda Kodiaq vRS for a Spin – Video Review


A few years ago, Skoda decided to cease production of its Fabia vRS hot hatch, leaving the Octavia as the sole remaining model to adorn the performance badge. Nevertheless, this is about to change, with the Czech carmaker set to introduce their flagship SUV, the Skoda Kodiaq to the vRS family. Although orders in the UK […]

5 Things You Should Do After Buying a New Car

For some people, buying a new car is a significant achievement whether it happens to be their first or third car. This can especially be true when they have the opportunity to buy the car of their dreams. If you’ve recently purchased one, then it certainly may be worth celebrating. Aside from celebrating, there are […]

Best hybrid cars to buy 2019

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid

With the looming petrol and diesel ban, a hybrid car could be the right choice for you before we become an all-electric world. Hybrid cars usually combine a combustion engine with an electric motor which reduces the amount of air pollution and has greater fuel economy for the driver. There are many benefits to owning […]

How to update your old car’s look


Bagging a bargain set of old wheels is great, whether you’ve just passed your test or you’re buying that dream car model from your youth. Better yet, these vintage cars can be polished up to a shine to make even modern cars jealous! Take a look through our handy how-to guide to discover how you […]

Advantages of Buying a Used Car

When you need to purchase a vehicle, you have two options: new or used. Many people automatically assume that buying a new car is the way to go because there are numerous advantages to purchasing new. However, it is also possible to upgrade with a used car for an affordable price. If you are in […]

Arclight Fab for Top Quality F100 Wheels and Tires


In case if you are into the market to find F100 wheels, or simply need good quality wheels for any Ford Truck; it is important to make a basic analysis before selection. It is important to get top quality wheels to drive safely on long journeys. Basically, in order to choose the most efficient wheels, […]

4 Steps to Take After You’ve Been in a Truck or Tractor Trailer Accident

Experiencing a truck or tractor trailer accident can be traumatizing, making it difficult to know what to do next. However, the steps you take after an accident are critical and can have a significant impact on the outcome of your claim. With that in mind, here are the proper actions to take after you’ve been […]

Why You Should Ensure Regular Maintenance on your Leased Vehicle?

It is very important to maintain your leased vehicle properly. Though many customers of auto lease understand this important factor, but there are many who neglect this and suffer afterwards. Maintenance of leased vehicle is one of the important requirements of a standard agreement. These lease agreements specify who should pay for the maintenance of […]

Top Ways Motorsport Technology Has Impacted on Everyday Cars


Sometimes, the futuristic single-seater vehicles we watch whizzing around race tracks at improbable speeds seem a world away from our sensible five-door family hatchback. But in fact, many technologies we now take for granted in day-to-day motoring were first pioneered in motorsport. Here are some of the best examples. Disc brakes It’s strange to think, […]

Just like New: 5 Hacks for Removing Dents and Scratches from Your Car

Owning a vehicle can come with a wide variety of costs ranging from maintenance to unexpected damage to your car. When it comes to unexpected damage, you may not always have the money to make the repair at your local body shop. If this is the case, you may be looking at ways to damage […]

Fender Bender or Far Worse? What to Do After a Hit and Run Car Accident

Every year, about 6 million car accidents occur on U.S. roads. And up to 3 million of those involved sustain injuries. But that’s not all. The number of hit and run car accident fatalities is also on the rise – 2,049 in 2016 to be exact. That’s more than an 11% increase from 2015, and […]

What’s the best innovative in-car technology?


With every new car model, we are seeing automotive manufacturers continuously enhance modern-day models with new, innovative and improved technology that has been designed to improve our driving experience. It can also offer additional safety features, better efficiency and a whole lot more. We have seen the introduction of Apple CarPlay, cruise control, rear view […]