SAB & Accesorii 2014 – Best Auto Show in Romania

Numerous national awards and latest car models coming directly from Paris at SAB & Accesorii 2014!

SAB & Accesorii is the only exhibition dedicated to auto industry in Romania that lasts 10 days, the traditional exhibiting period of an auto fair.

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SAB & Accesorii 2014, 23 October – 2 November is the best auto show in Romania, with most important automobile brands, like: : Abarth, Adria, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Piaggio, Suzuki, Volkswagen.

At AUTOITALIA stand from SAB & Accesorii you will find the latest news from Maserati, Jeep, Alfa Romero, Abarth, Fiat, Fiat Professional.

At SAB & Accesorii 2014 you will see cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, hybrid and electric cars, classic cars, motorcycles, bicycles, auto parts and accessories, moto and velo, audio and navigation systems, equipment for service stations and car washes, auto and moto tuning, media, leasing and insurance companies.

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For further information please do not hesitate to contact us by phone / fax +4021 231 41 56 +4021 230 38 18 or e-mail: [email protected], project coordinator Radacineanu Sorin (+40724 204 000), Albert Kiss (+40722 579 877), Oana Iliescu (+40723 672 732), Silvia Pavel (+40726 583 364).


3 Ways to Make Your Short Bed Truck and Your Horse Trailer Play Nice

All-terrain and SUV truck models grow in popularity, but the dimensions of particular vehicles pose problems for horse haulers.  A truck bed of limited size creates issues for those pulling gooseneck and bumper-pull trailers.

Trends turn heads but they may turnover trailers that don’t play nice.  Ensure trailer setups equal success, minding the following fixes.


Short Bed with a Gooseneck

The shape of gooseneck trailers keep haulers focused on limitations of steering, braking, and maintaining control of the vehicle.  A primary concern is attaching the trailer far enough forward on the truck for optimal balance.

If the trailer nose is too wide, a gap between it and the cab grows larger during sharp turns.  Some haulers break rear windows, miscalculating how trailers will react during turns.

Place the ball head hitch directly over the rear axle, or a few inches in front of it, to maintain balance and make it easier to steer.

Extended Coupler

Trailer couplers give haulers added room between the truck and trailer.  Latch and unlatch a trailer without climbing into the truck bed.  Installing in little time, the coupler fits standard, round trailer tubes.  Find models with 9 and 16-inch extensions. Continue reading


What Not To Do When Tuning Your Car

Car tuning is big business in the United States. Tuning parts and accessories are a sought-after commodity in the motor industry here. That’s because car owners are keen to get the best out of their vehicles and are willing to spend whatever is necessary to do so.

From the factory, your car will have got deliberately limited so that the car would pass strict emissions and safety laws. Carmakers do build high-performance cars from time to time. But those cars tend to get quite expensive to buy, which is why many folks prefer to go down the DIY route instead.



As you are reading this article today, I am going to assume that you own a car and want to tune it up. But before you do so, it is important you know that there are right ways and wrong ways to tune your car.

The following will reveal what you shouldn’t do when tuning up your car for bigger power gains!

Don’t just rely on the advice of Internet forums

A lot of people on the Internet like to assume that they are experts in a particular field. Car forums are the worst for this problem. That’s because you will have large groups of people that think they know everything about cars.

The truth is; most of the time they don’t! They might read about something on a website or take what their buddies say to them as fact. Are the people dishing out advice and “helpful” information experienced auto mechanics? If they aren’t, I don’t recommend doing what people on the Internet tell you to do! Continue reading

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