Things to Check Out Before Buying a Used Car

Whenever you decide to purchase a new vehicle, you’ll most likely have some questions and some decisions to make. For starters, do you want to purchase a brand new vehicle or a used car? Many people settle on the latter and for a number of reasons. If you simply need a to and from work solution, then a reliable used car makes sense. If you don’t have excess money to throw about on a new car, then a pre-owned vehicle can help you not break the budget. Whatever the motivation, you need to be sure to do your homework before you commit to any purchase. What are some things you should visually inspect before even test driving a car or having a mechanic look at it? Continue reading to find out about a few items that (should) make or break your decision to evaluate the vehicle any further.

Buying A Used Car
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Inspect the Paint

Any used car is likely to have some issues – a couple of lights may need to be replaced, some of the carpet may be damaged or one of the windows might not roll down. These are usually associated with not properly maintaining the car (which can speak volumes about its condition), but many times, these are small issues that were never fixed because they just weren’t big deals. When it comes to paint, however, it is vital that you assess the situation. Flaky paint indicates neglect, while waves when looking at it from the side indicate that the used car has had a paint job (possible wreck in the past?). Rust is another huge problem: you don’t want to buy a used car with an underlying rust issue waiting to pop up in the coming months or years. You can visit Gumtree to find a variety of vehicles with quality paint jobs and not-so-great ones, which can help you learn how to identify potentially problematic cases.

Check Under the Hood

This seems so cliché, but even those who do not know much about working on new or used cars will be able to tell if some things are amiss. If you spot any dents, then you may be looking at a vehicle that was wrecked in the past. Damage to particular parts – such as hoses, the battery or radiator – may also indicate this. Again, rust is another thing to watch out for, as any rust under the hood indicates that the car has been taken care of poorly and is probably not worth purchasing. Every fender should also have a vehicle identification number – if it is not there, then that means that the fender has been replaced at some point.

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Crash for Cash Fraud on the Rise

Many motorists have been in the unfortunate situation of having to deal with an accident or incident in their vehicle.

Whether at fault or not, a crash or a bump, especially one that involves another vehicle, can be a stressful and distressing experience, even if no one was badly injured.  ‘Crash for cash’ fraud takes advantage of motorists when they are at their most vulnerable in a way that is both immoral and illegal.

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These types of scam are basically insurance fraud.  They can range in severity from exaggerated whiplash claims or claims for damage to vehicles that was not sustained, to deliberately causing accidents and submitting false claims, sometimes for individuals who were not in the car at the time.

It is estimated that this type of claim is cost insurance companies £1.3bn last year, and is adding approximately £50 to the cost of every premium.

Here are the top tips to protect you from bogus claims.

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Buying New Cars

Buying New Cars: How to Know You’re Getting a Good Deal

Buying a new car holds certain advantages – you are getting the latest technology, you have a manufacturer’s guarantee concerning the state of the car, and you are buying a vehicle that can last for long years into the future. However, because new cars are also a large expense, it can be easy to worry that you are paying too much for a car without even knowing it. Fortunately, there are several ways to know that you are getting the best deal possible. Let’s review them.

Price Quotes

A price quote for a car is simply a stated price that a dealer will provide you for a specific model on request (if a dealer won’t give you a price quote, avoid them). This price quote is a great place to start for a few reasons. Not only does it show you how much dealers hope to sell the car for, but it also allows you to compare local dealers and see who offers the best prices…as well as who shows the best customer service.Buying New Cars

Invoice Pricing

Invoice prices are the prices that dealers pay for their cars, and can be found with a little online research. It’s common advice to shoot for the invoice price when negotiating, because dealers tend to get discounts on their cars well below even the “technical” invoice price.

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