Atlanta Motor Speedway: Best Career Finish for Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick has scored her career best finish after entering Sunday’s Sprint Cup Series Race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Despite slipping to 6th over the final 2 laps, Danica Patrick couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome, and was already harboring high hopes for next weekend’s regular-season finale at Richmond International Raceway, a track she doesn’t consider a favorite.


anica Patrick said: “Man, that race felt like it was 700 miles. Sometimes when you are running well they feel like that because you are hoping it stays there, keeps going well, and you keep improving and don’t lose it. There were definitely a couple of times late in the race when we fell back. In the middle of the race the car was very good. We took a little step back, and then it came back in the end. Tony Gibson just reset everything to where we were when we were running well.Obviously the pit stop at the end that was 11 seconds was so good. There were a couple of rough ones in the beginning but that one made up for it because it put us seventh on that restart, and we had a good line on the inside and didn’t get caught up on the outside.”

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Buying A Used Car

Tips for managing your car breakdown on roads

You are on a highway with your family or friends and suddenly you realise that your car is running out of fuel. Or maybe you are driving alone on a stranded highway and then your cars tyre punctures and you are in need of a tyre. Situations like this often arise which can lead you in trouble. In this article you will get to know about some tips regarding to be free of tension and manage difficult situations when your car has stopped functioning. If you are on a busy motorway in England and your car stops, this is one of the worst situations that can really be dangerous at times.

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Due to the high speed and huge number of cars present in busy cities in England like Liverpool, Derby, Nottingham etc, your car may breakdown at some time. It is really dangerous at that time. Even if you have a breakdown cover still risks are there which can get you in trouble. If your vehicle suffers a failure then park your car at the leftmost so that there is enough space between your car and traffic moving. You should switch on the hazard alarming lights that can make your car visible to the other cars that are moving. Not only taking care of your car, you should help the car passengers move out from the door that is opposite to the path of passing traffic. Immediately you must contact your breakdown cover service provider with your mobile or rush to the nearest emergency telephone booth in case you do not have a phone. You must wait for the professionals’ breakdown service providers to come and avoid trying to attempt repairing yourself. One your car is back in operation try to keep a eye for the nearby vehicles and safely rejoin the moving traffic.

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Things to Check Out Before Buying a Used Car

Whenever you decide to purchase a new vehicle, you’ll most likely have some questions and some decisions to make. For starters, do you want to purchase a brand new vehicle or a used car? Many people settle on the latter and for a number of reasons. If you simply need a to and from work solution, then a reliable used car makes sense. If you don’t have excess money to throw about on a new car, then a pre-owned vehicle can help you not break the budget. Whatever the motivation, you need to be sure to do your homework before you commit to any purchase. What are some things you should visually inspect before even test driving a car or having a mechanic look at it? Continue reading to find out about a few items that (should) make or break your decision to evaluate the vehicle any further.

Buying A Used Car
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Inspect the Paint

Any used car is likely to have some issues – a couple of lights may need to be replaced, some of the carpet may be damaged or one of the windows might not roll down. These are usually associated with not properly maintaining the car (which can speak volumes about its condition), but many times, these are small issues that were never fixed because they just weren’t big deals. When it comes to paint, however, it is vital that you assess the situation. Flaky paint indicates neglect, while waves when looking at it from the side indicate that the used car has had a paint job (possible wreck in the past?). Rust is another huge problem: you don’t want to buy a used car with an underlying rust issue waiting to pop up in the coming months or years. You can visit Gumtree to find a variety of vehicles with quality paint jobs and not-so-great ones, which can help you learn how to identify potentially problematic cases.

Check Under the Hood

This seems so cliché, but even those who do not know much about working on new or used cars will be able to tell if some things are amiss. If you spot any dents, then you may be looking at a vehicle that was wrecked in the past. Damage to particular parts – such as hoses, the battery or radiator – may also indicate this. Again, rust is another thing to watch out for, as any rust under the hood indicates that the car has been taken care of poorly and is probably not worth purchasing. Every fender should also have a vehicle identification number – if it is not there, then that means that the fender has been replaced at some point.

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