What You Must Know About Smoking in the Car


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Smoking is a toxic habit that should be stopped not only from public places but also from private ones. In fact this habit should be extinct for good. It seems like a harsh decision but on the long term giving up smoking will improve your life and protect your wallet.

Although it might sound ironic there are places that make smoking even more toxic than it already is. Like smoking in a car for example. It might not seem such a big deal but once you learn all the disadvantages you will understand at what risk you put yourself and the other passengers when smoking in a car.

Why Shouldn’t You Smoke in a Car?

Photo source: earthtimes.org

1. When you smoke in a stationery car that has the windows closed you produce 23 times more smoke than in a bar. You might say that you never smoke with the windows closed. Even so, a car still remains the worst type of space where you can get your lungs filled with second hand smoke.

2. Kids suffer more from this. According to a study conducted by British researchers kids are more affected by this bad habit because they have faster breathing rates, they don’t have a completely developed immune system and they cannot remove themselves from the source. The UK promotes banning smoking form cars where there are kids and a law related to this will come into force in October 2015.

3. The car loses value – a car that belonged to a smoker will sell for less money than one in which people didn’t smoke. The cigarette smoke will linger in the ventilation system and in the upholstery requiring some changes down the road (they might get burnt or change color due to the smoke). This will knock down a few bucks when you plan to sell it, so think about it seriously. Davidoff cigars available from Famous Smoke Shop.

4. Air conditioning doesn’t help – if you insist on smoking, keep the window open and blow the smoke outside the car. But remember that when you close the window and start the air conditioning the concentration of carcinogenic particles rises from 1394 to 3808 millionths of a gram per cubic meter. Only one hour per day of smoke exposure will affect the pulmonary system of the persons inside.

Photo source: actioncancer.org

Smoking in your car might seem comfortable but you will soon come to understand that it is not the best solution for your car or your health. Choose smart!