Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle


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Most people don’t like winter because of the cold, dreary weather and the damage it can do to your home and your health. Winter can also do some major damage to your car too, which is why you need to take some extra precautions in order to ensure your car functions properly when the weather is less than stellar.

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There are plenty of things you can do in order to winterize your car. This can help to keep you safe during the cold weather, and it can also help ensure your car lasts much longer and runs more efficiently. After all, your car is an investment, and you’d like to keep it running properly for many, many years.

When it comes to keeping your car safe during the winter months, use the following tips to help winterize your car.

Change your oil.

Not only should you get regular oil changes during the winter, you should also change the type of oil you use in your car. If you live in an area that sees weather conditions get below freezing, you should consider switching to thinner oil. This will make a difference on the internal temperature of your engine to keep it running properly.


Change your tires.

Not all tires are the same, and when it comes to choosing tires for your car during the winter, it’s best to choose an option that will keep you safe. Driving in poor wintry weather conditions can be extremely dangerous. Snow, ice, and sleet not only wear and tear at your tires, but they can also make it hard to control your car, putting you at risk for an accident.

Instead, you should consider putting snow tires on your vehicle during the winter months to make traveling safer for you. Snow tires can help ward off the dangers of snow, sleet, and ice, giving you an easier commute and easier control over your car.

If you don’t want to change your tires so often, you could also opt for all-season tires instead of snow tires. These tires are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, which means you can use them in the summer and in the winter without replacement.

Protect your windshield.

Your car is going to see a lot of water and dirt during the winter months, which means you need to ensure your car has an ample amount of windshield washer fluid at all times. If you live in an area that gets below freezing temperatures, you should consider a washer fluid that has a bit of alcohol in it to keep it from freezing on you.

Changing out your windshield wipers is also a good idea. Some wipers are meant to keep the snow and ice from freezing them shut, which can be extremely beneficial in poor weather. Plus, since you’ll be using them often to wash away snow and ice, you’ll want to be sure they work.

If you have any cracks or damage to your windshield, now is the time to consider windshield replacement. Having cracks in your windshield when the weather is cold can make the crack expand even worse, and you also run the risk of allowing snow and ice to get inside your car.