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A wet road, a dog that suddenly runs in front of the car, a light that blinds you in the incoming traffic, whatever the reason, car accidents happen. With over 1.3  million of death in road crashes every year in the USA, there is no denying that car accidents are an everyday risk. Unfortunately, like with most risks, it can’t always be avoided despite your best efforts. Sometimes, for a multitude of reasons, bad things simply happen when you expect them least. However, when one think of a car accident, it is always the question of the blame and the car repair costs that come to mind. There is more to an accident than the car. There is the matter of lasting damages, for your administrative profile, and for your health, whether physical or mental. So let’s dive into the many damages and consequences of a car accident, to understand how it can change your lifestyle, your finances and maybe even your professional world.


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Who Is To Blame?

The first thing that everybody asks about a car accident is who to blame. Surprisingly, after you’ve checked out the state of the car and eventually tried to move the vehicles out of the way if the accident occurred in the middle of a crowded road, most people are worried about finding who the guilty part is. Car insurances can also be a little quick to agree between each other, as negotiations can be expensive. As a result, it is not uncommon to feel you’ve been unfairly treated. Consequently, this is why there are professional lawyers to represent any car accident so that you know that there is someone on your side. A lawyer will ensure that every angle is covered and that your rights are represented fairly.

Mental Issues After A Car Accident

Most people ignore the impact of a minor car accident, pretending that if no bone has been broken, then everything is okay. In truth, you can be suffering from severe mental issues as the result of an accident. From being a confident driver, you can become someone who is afraid of taking the car to go anywhere. This is devastating for your self-esteem and your everyday lifestyle too. Some drivers experience a form of anxiety disorder that pushes then to avoid heavy traffic situations or long distance drives. It is not uncommon to require counseling services to cope with the mental damage of an accident.


What If You’ve Be Hurt?

If you’ve been injured, it is likely that you are struggling with pain and recovery. Resting with a broken limb, for example, is not as easy as it sounds as the pain can keep your mind awake. Additionally, certain injuries will dramatically change your life. Imagine losing a leg to a car crash. Your everyday life will need to be adjusted to the new situation. People who suffer from chronic pain find it also difficult to go back to work after an accident. In short, a car accident can forever change the way you used to live, relax, and even work.