Top jobs within the automobile industry for car enthusiasts


If you would love to work with cars for a living, you are not alone. There are thousands of people that would do anything to get a job in the automobile industry. Many of them succeed as well, as there are many positions that need to be filled. It all depends on what you are of expertise is and what you picture yourself doing. The most important thing however is that you want to do something you love for money, in this case working with cars. But just as you can see with F1 drivers and the pit stop crew, not every job means you actually get to drive a car so it’s important what job interests you. Here are some of the top jobs that let you work with cars while earning a living.


Mechanics are great. It’s honestly impossible to tell what the world would do without them. When everyone is using a car, it’s insane to think about the possibility that there would be no one around to repair them when something happens. If you have the skills and knowledge to fix cars, you can ear big time by working for one of the greatest automobile companies in the world. They are always in search of fresh talent that can be a true asset to their team.


This one might seem a little farfetched but there’s quite a living to be earned from winning competitions. It depends on the type of racing you are mostly interested in. Rallys will pay good at the highest level but all the richest as well as fame can be found in Formula 1. If you think you’ve got what it takes, you can begin working towards a racing career.

Cabbing/ Uber

Driving a taxi isn’t something everyone is capable of doing. That’s not because taxis have different controls than other cars, but because driving the car is not the most important part of the job. It is in fact knowing your surrounding and being able to provide the shortest route for your clients at any given time. They use your services hoping that you can get them quick and easy to places they can’t reach in the same manner on their own. Uber is a more modern service and it can be one of the greatest part time jobs. Once they understand just how does Uber pay drivers, a lot of people become interested in joining their ranks.


In a similar fashion to cabbing, you can also be the real life Transporter. If you love cars and action movies you’ve surely seen the Jason Statham movies where he seamlessly performs dangerous maneuvers on circulated roads all while trying to deliver a package. Your experience won’t be so filled with dangerous perils but it can be an enjoyable occupation that will have you be the person big businesses rely on to deliver important cargo.