Zus: A New Experience in Car Charging and Location


The world as we know it today is technologically driven and every day, new high tech product meant to make our lives much more comfortable hit the market. Zus is one of such products. Designed in Germany, Zus is primarily a car locator. It comes with the extra benefit of being a car charger. Now, this is not just your ordinary car locator and charge – Zus is smart.

Zus saves you time and you would never lose your car again

Whenever and wherever you park your car and turn off your engine, Zus simply saves your car’s location. It does this automatically. Now imagine leaving your car in a crowded parking lot. All that is required for you to save yourself the stress of looking for your car is simply opening the Zus app on your mobile device and it will guide you right to your car.

Easy to use

Zus is sophisticated and quite handy. It is also easy to use. Soon as you plug in Zus, get the app installed, it comes alive and remembers every point you parked your car.


Needs no cell reception to work

What if there is no cell phone reception? Zus does not need one. It just goes on working even when your phone has no reception, it is able to tell you whether your car is 50 or 100 feet away. So, those who love outdoor activities (camping, hiking, etc.) have nothing to fret about

Detects smart devices

Zus comes with an advanced smart device detection technology that is able to detect the exact device it is charging. By so doing, it is able to give out the maximum amp output required by the device allowing it to charge a lot faster than normal.

Charges devices at lightning speed

Zus charges devices at their maximum speed even when two devices are being charged simultaneously. It charges two times faster than normal car chargers

ElegantShine Lighting

Added to being a smart locator, this device comes with an ElegantShine lighting system that increases the user’s visibility in conditions/environments that are unusually dark.

Quality and standard

Here it gets more interesting. Zus is the only known car charger to meet the United States Military High Temperature Standard (MIL-STD-81OG). It is made from high grade German Bayer PC/ABS and all its metal parts are coated in titanium enabling it to work under conditions up to 100°C/ 212°F

Life span/ effectiveness

Compared with other car chargers, this device with all its capabilities generates 35% less heat as we understand that less heat in itself promotes longevity. This is made possible by a specially designed in-built cooling system. To validate this assertion and its efficiency, Zus was tested simultaneously with two other car chargers. For each charge was an iPad at over 2 amp output. Thirty-eight minutes later, a thermal thermometer was used to take their temperature. While the temperature for the other products stood at 111°F (43°C) and 133°F (56°C) respectively, Zus stood at 87°F (31°C).

We can only imagine the effect such high temperature (111°F and 133°F) would have on electronic devices. This is why Zus is sturdy, thanks to the in-built cooling device

Smart phone compatibility

The Zus app need iOS and Android powered mobile devices. It can also be used for a 12v/24v cigarette lighter.


The features of Zus:

  • Titanium coating
  • Elegant Shine Lighting
  • Smart device detection
  • Smart car locator
  • US Military grade quality
  • Cooling system
  • Two times charging speed
  • Low energy bluetooth

A true smart car locator and charger, Zus is handy, durable, and dependable and might just be the only car charger/locator you might ever need.

Here you have a great video presentation for Zus charger (source: Run Around Tech):