X3 Hartge Hunter

X3 Hartge Hunter was born of passion for hunting by Herbert Hartge, team manager Hartge.
For the 3.0d engine is offered an increase of power to 253 bhp and 3.0sd for a power 335hp (against 283hp)
Ground clearance increased “all-terain” tires at 255/55 R 18 plus numerous other modifications specific on offroad vehicles, should it help X3 Hunter to handle the most difficult conditions what could be encountered in a game hunting.

x3-hartge-hunter.jpg x3-hartge-hunter_2.jpg x3-hartge-hunter_3.jpg
X3 Hartge Hunter
x3-hartge-hunter_4.jpg x3-hartge-hunter_5.jpg x3-hartge-hunter_6.jpg
X3 Hartge Hunter

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