Work Out How to Reduce Fleet Costs With This Tool


Hitachi calculator helps fleet managers work out if there’s a more efficient alternative
Maintaining a fleet of vehicles is neither easy nor cheap, whether you’re looking after a swarm of urban delivery cars, or a whole armada of HGVs. There are many things to think about, which is why so many of the people in charge look to outsource their fleet management elsewhere – it’s very common for entire fleets to be owned and managed by a 3rd party, and rented by the one that actually uses them.

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This can of course be particularly costly, which means that it is very important for fleet managers to do their research beforehand. When you’re talking about a whole group of vehicles, small differences in leasing costs and contract types can mean big differences in overall price. Fortunately, Hitachi Capital have this useful tool that anyone can use to work out if they could be saving money by making processes more efficient and working with them instead.

The first thing they look at is the number and type of vehicle in the fleet. Economies of scale can often mean that a higher number of overall vehicles results in lower leasing per vehicle, and Hitachi work with large fleets of more than 75 vehicles. This means that they’re used to working with a large number of cars or vans, and are more likely to know the best way of managing them efficiently. Processes can also differ considerably between vehicle types; laws and regulations can mean vastly different admin requirements.

The calculator then asks some details about the vehicles, including how much you’re currently paying for them, and how many miles and whether you’re getting maintenance included in the lease. The more accurate you can be with mileage, the better, as it can often be expensive to go over pre-agreed limits, but you don’t want to overestimate and pay more than you need. This calculator is very useful for working out how much those miles cost. It’s also rare for fleets to not have maintenance included, as it can be a real hassle and expense when things go wrong otherwise.

So, if you’re a fleet manager, or have a keen interest in reducing vehicle expenses, then try using the tool to find out if Hitachi’s methods are an effective way of bringing down the cost of running a whole fleet of cars, LGVs or HGVs.