Winter vacation with Lamborghini Gallardo LP560

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When saying Lamborghini our mind immediately goes to things like Monte Carlo, champagne or luxury.

But now, the ski racer Jon Olson in collaboration with DMC have worked together in order to create a “winter edition” which will definitely make your heart “skip more than a beat”.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 has been customized for the ski slopes so that the 29-year old Swedish would enjoy the combination of mountain and speed. And who wouldn’t when all this Lamborghini says is “try me, I am absolutely fabulous and I will make you fly.”

Because you will fly, even with the ski box one top, reaching a excellent speed of 255 km/h. Not too shabby for a winter Lamborghini!

How do you think this car integrates into a picture that contains palm trees and sunny waves?