Winds of Change: 5 Worst Mistakes People Make When Trying to Sell Their Car


Buying a car is something most people will do in their lifetime. There may come a time when a person wants to sell their existing car so they can invest in something new. Instead of trading the vehicle in and losing money, an individual needs to think about selling the car on their own.

While selling a car to an individual or a cash buyer may seem like a daunting task, it is simple with a bit of time and research. The following are some mistakes a person needs to avoid when selling their vehicle.

1. Knowing the Car’s Value is Imperative

Whether a car owner is trying to sell to an individual or get a cash offer from a business, knowing what the vehicle is worth is important. Ignoring the need for this information may lead to a person losing a lot of money. There are several online resources a seller can use to find out what their car is worth.

When trying to assess the value of a vehicle, a person will have to find in-depth information about it. Figuring out what model a particular vehicle is and what features it has are crucial steps. Once a seller has this information, finding the true value of their vehicle will be simple.


2. Avoid Doing Major Repairs Before Selling

American consumers buy over 17 million vehicles annually. One of the main things a buyer will do when trying to decide if they want to buy a vehicle is to give the current vehicle a thorough inspection. This is why a car seller will need to go over the car with a fine-tooth comb before putting it on the market.

Fixing minor issues is acceptable. However, a person will need to avoid performing major repairs to boost the car’s value. While putting a new engine in a used vehicle will boost its value, it will also lead to a seller spending money they need to save.

3. Never Keep the Car Title in Your Name After the Sale

Reducing the aggravation involved in selling a car is something most people work very hard to do. The worst mistake a seller can make is keeping the car’s title in their name after it has been sold. If the car is involved in a hit-and-run accident, the person on the title will be sued for damages.

Therefore getting this important document in the buyer’s name is so important. Making a clean break with the old car will allow a person to start over with a new vehicle.

4. Installment Payments Rarely Work Out

Some sellers get so anxious about unloading their used vehicle they make bad decisions. If a potential buyer asks to make installment payments on the vehicle, a buyer needs to refuse this offer.

Sometimes, the stress and anger caused by these payments being missed are enough to ruin relationships. This is why a seller will need to insist on getting paid in full before handing over the keys to the vehicle.

5. Handling All of the Paperwork

Making sure that the title work and the original registration for the vehicle are handed over to the new owner of a vehicle is important. A seller will also need to get the certificate of title transfer notarized to ensure it is valid and legally binding. Getting the car’s maintenance records ready can also help a seller close the deal with a potential buyer.

Selling a Car Takes Time

Trying to rush through the car selling process is a recipe for disaster. Gathering information regarding what the car is worth and what paperwork is needed to sell the vehicle can help a person avoid making mistakes during this process.

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