Why Your Truck Should Have a Bed Liner

One of the truck parts that are regularly subjected to abuse is the truck bed, where you load different kinds of items. Due to the weight and texture of the things you load into the truck, its metal bed needs protection to prevent cracks, dents, and scratches, which, when left unattended, could cause rust to start

What is a truck bed liner?

A truck bed liner is a material you put on your inner part of your truck bed to shield it from damage, as well as provide a skid-resistant surface so that cargo and other items in the truck will not move around while you’re driving.

Bed rugs and mats are some of the cheapest liners you can install in your truck. But these liners only protect the bed of the vehicle. On the other hand, a drop-in liner will provide protection for the walls and tailgate of the truck. The drop-in liner is usually rubberized, to prevent the material from movement and displacement as you load and unload the car. 

For a durable and long-lasting liner, you can choose a spray-on coating, such as Durabak bed liner. Although more expensive than the drop-in liners, a spray-on liner lasts for a very long time. Moreover, you can apply it on different surfaces to prevent scratches, cracks, and dents. 


Reasons to install a bed liner

When you’re a truck owner, you’re responsible for its maintenance and protection. If you are using it for business or hauling cargo of different weights and sizes, it is better to protect the inner walls and floor of the truck bed.

1. Cargo protection

Truck bed liners are skid-proof, which reduces the movement of the things you have in the truck. As you’re driving, cargo loaded in the truck tends to slide back and forth, mainly if the truck is not full. The to-and-fro movement damages the cargo and damages the walls and floor of your vehicle. Soon, you’ll start to see nicks, scratches, and dents. A bed liner becomes a shock absorber that reduces vibrations that can damage delicate cargo. 

2. Truck bed protection

Most trucks, particularly pickup trucks, usually do not have canopies. Therefore, the truck beds are exposed to sun, rain, and snow. Weather damage may not manifest early, especially if the truck is new, but if you do not protect it, your bed may not be serviceable and presentable in a few years. Prevent rust, scratches, cracks, and dents from damaging your truck by applying spray-on bed liner or even a drop-in bed liner.

3. Protection for other surfaces

Did you know that you can apply spray-on bed liner to other parts of your truck for added protection? You can make other parts rust-free and skid-free with spray-on bed liners. Apply them on floorboards, fenders, bumpers, bull bars, and trims prone to rust and scratches. 

What’s excellent about spray-on bed liners is that they come in various colors to contrast or match your vehicle’s color. Be sure to learn the properties of different spray-on bed liners so you can use the right one for your truck. 

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