Why You Should Protect Your Rights with A DUI Attorney


Over speeding or driving under the influence of drugs may lead to numerous consequences to the driver. Apart from putting yourself to risk, you may face huge penalties that will get behind bars.

Do you understand your rights an individual who has been pulled over due to a traffic violation? With extensive knowledge, the process of protecting your rights is made even more accessible.

Do You Know Your Rights?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a severe traffic violation, and you should take it very seriously. It is considering that your future may be turned upside down with a single puff on a breathalyser device.

It is crucial to understand your rights to succeed in a DUI conviction because you have not been declared guilty in the first place. The first right every citizen should know is to remain SILENT. If you are stopped of a DUI, the officer will not force you to talk, but he/she may ask you to offer necessary information like your name and address. Such information will not be used against you in a court of law.

In case you want to remain silent, instead of uttering words that will incriminate you, let the police officer know that you are conjuring your Fifth Amendment rights.

Besides, you can still refuse a sobriety test if you want to get tasted without facing any legal consequences. You can boldly refuse to stand on foot or walk in a straight line under the instructions of a law enforcement officer.

If your DUI stop has led to your arrest, chemical testing will be performed on you while at the station which may include the extraction of blood, urine or your chemical breath to ascertain your alcohol level.

At such a point, you will not refuse these tests, because you will be violating the laws of driving a vehicle in California and you will need the help of a California DUI lawyer to challenge these chemical tests.

You Don’t Understand the DUI Laws

Because you don’t have any knowledge of DUI laws or pursuing a legal profession, it merely means you don’t know how these are used in different cases. A California DUI lawyer will be aware of these laws and can help you in solving your case.

DUIs Lawyers Will Examine Your Case

There are scenarios where the driver is mistreated by a police officer, and with a traffic ticket lawyer sacramento, they can ascertain if your rights have been violated in any way. Apart from that, you may have been forced to take a breath test under abnormal conditions or on sloppy grounds.

Fighting to Get Your Driver’s License Back

It can sometimes prove hard to move from one place to the other for work, recreation and even to get groceries. However, with DUI lawyers on your rescue, you can still get your driving license.

Proving Advice on Your Available Options

How to plead in your case is not easy as most DUI violators perceive. After your California DUI lawyer has reviewed all the crucial information, you can decide on how to present yourself before a court of law.