Why You Should Ensure Regular Maintenance on your Leased Vehicle?

It is very important to maintain your leased vehicle properly. Though many customers of auto lease understand this important factor, but there are many who neglect this and suffer afterwards. Maintenance of leased vehicle is one of the important requirements of a standard agreement. These lease agreements specify who should pay for the maintenance of the vehicle during the term of lease and also include the warranty of the manufacturer. It covers the number of miles you are likely to drive and the entire length of the lease.

2013 Scion tC Release Series 8.0 (RS 8.0)

What it signifies

If there is any excess wear and tear, you have to pay for it. This means at the end of your lease term when you return the vehicle, and the dealer finds anything needs to be fixed in excess of what was mentioned in the agreement, then you will be charged for that. It is quite obvious that there will be some nicks and a few wear after some years of usage, but you have to make sure that the standards of such wear and tear are reasonable. Therefore, you must read the lease agreement very carefully before signing it.

Check Vehicle Service Manual

Checking the service manual of your vehicle is the best way for learning about its proper maintenance. Such a manual is prepared by the experts who built or designed the vehicle. Therefore, following that ensures about keeping the vehicle in the best possible condition and avoid any additional cost at the time of end or transfer of lease. You can also use an Vehicle maintenance software.

Routine Maintenance after Certain Mileage Intervals

When you drive a car, you become aware about certain routine maintenance after a certain intervals. Lookout for the recommended mileage run for changing engine oil. Again, checking the manual will help you to know after what mileage interval you should change the oil. For example, the manual will include a recommended mileage interval of 3,000 miles. It means, when you car runs 3,000 miles, you should change the oil.

Schedule Visit to Service Center at Regular Intervals

At the time of leasing the vehicle, you should ask every detail regarding the maintenance and how often you should do so. The lease period will be valid for a certain time span and you may end up the entire span and decide to transfer the lease to another party in between. In any of these cases, what matters most is the condition of the vehicle. The vehicle must be maintained in good condition so that the lease provider or the expected new lessee does not hesitate or doubt about the condition of the car.

Other Factors for Maintenance

You should also be concerned about the maintenance of the other common factors such as checking of tires, battery, and other tools and accessories. You should therefore regularly visit the service center to take proper care of the vehicle.

Is your Deal Inclusive of Gap Insurance

Some deals waive the gap liability or includes gap insurance. Suppose your vehicle gets totaled or stolen during the lease period then the difference between the amount you owe under the lease and what the dealer can recover will be paid by gap insurance. This gap liability amount can amount to thousands of dollars and thus opting for it is a good choice.

Therefore, it is evident that you need to perform regular maintenance on your leased vehicle so that the transfer, termination or completion of lease can be smooth. For more details on proper maintenance of leased vehicle, you can visit http://leasequit.com/.