Why You May Be Looking for Cheap SR22 Insurance in California


An SR22 is proof that you are financially responsible. Your insurance company will send it to the DMV in order to tell that you have insurance. This is often required if you have had your license revoked after a DUI or an accident, for instance. When the DMV has your SR22, they know that you are insurance, because the insurance company will also send them an SR26 if your insurance is cancelled at any time. In California, they general requirement is for an SR22 to be carried for three years, or your license will be suspended again.


Why You May Need an SR22 in California

Not every driver has to have an SR22. Generally, it is only required when you have had a DUI, or have been in an accident without having insurance. If you want your license to be reinstated after suspension, then you will need your insurance company to file an SR22. This proves that you have met all the necessary requirements to have your license back. In many cases, the DMV will also require you to complete a DUI course, particularly if that was the reason why your license was suspended in the first place.

The Cost of SR22 Insurance in California

Insurance companies do not send out an SR22 as standard. This means that you will need to find an insurance company that is willing to accept you as a policy holder first, and this can be quite expensive. The SR22 itself is usually very affordable, requiring a onetime fee of $20. The bigger cost, however, is in the actual insurance. You can also expect to have to pay a $20 filing fee and, if the DMV wants you to complete a DUI course, you will need to pay for this. Additionally, it costs $55 to have your license reinstated.

Finding Cheap SR22 Insurance in California

As stated, the real cost is not in the SR22 form, but rather in the insurance itself. Hence, you may be looking for cheap SR22 insurance in California, which is best done online. This allows you to not just save money, but also time. The only alternative, after all, would be to visit an insurance broker, who will put you through lengthy interviews and will need lots of information from you. Searching for SR22 insurance online, by contrast, is a much quicker process. You only have to fill in your details once, and the insurance comparison tools will then do the rest for you. It is very important that you spend some time comparing the different offerings that are out there. As someone who needs an SR22, you will already fall in a higher price bracket, so do make sure you aren’t pushed to your limits with this.

Finally, if you need an SR22 but don’t own your own vehicle, yet you do drive from time to time (in rental cars, business vehicles or in the car of a friend), you can request a non-driver SR22 to be sent to the DMV instead.