Who won “Design Challenge” at the 2011 LA Auto Show?

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2011 LA Auto Show_Design

The competition blew wide open folks! Today is the first day of the 2011 LA Auto Show and things are already starting to heat up.

The news of today is the winner of the competition entitled “Design Challenge”. This is an annual contest held for those automotive design studio which want to prove their creativity and visionary spirit. The models which have participated at this brilliant show are Honda, Hyundai Design North America , Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Germany, Mercedes-Benz Interior Design Studio and Subaru Design Tokyo Studio .

And the winner is…….Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Germany, with its gorgeous futuristic model Smart 341 Parkour.The main theme of this year’s show was “Hollywood’s hottest movie car.” Apparently this Mercedes corresponds with people’s vision of a more optimistic future and integrates updated techniques into a modern exterior.

Check out more pictures here and give your impressions!

Source: www.laautoshow.com