When Do You Need to Change the Brake Fluid?


Cars are amazing just the way they are. If you wouldn’t have to maintain them they would be perfect, but let’s not ask for more than what we can get.

When it comes to car maintenance, the issue of brake fluid is a very important aspect. But how do you know that it’s time to change it? Or why should you change it in the first place?

Why change brake fluid?

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This is the first question that might pop into one’s mind. Why do you need to change the brake fluid of your car? Does it stop working?

Well, the brake fluid is a very interesting topic because it is the element that is most often ignored and which carries a vital role in the construction and well-functioning of a car. For instance did you know that a person who drives more than 10,000 km/year uses the brakes of their car for more than 75,000 times?

In time, the boiling point of the brake fluid drops due to moisture contamination, diminishing its performance. This can lead to dangerous consequences since we all know that a car without good brakes can be deadly.

Recommendations from car manufacturers

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The majority of car manufacturers make sure that when they sell a car they also offer important information on how often they should change the brake fluid. Below you can find a list with a few examples.

Acura: 36 months

Audi: 24 months

BMW: 24 months

Honda: 36 months

Jaguar: 24 months all models except 2009 XF (36 months)

Land Rover: 36 months

Lexus: 36 months or 30,000 miles

Mercedes-Benz: 24 months

MINI 24 months

Saab: 48 months (all models except 9-7X)

Smart: 24 months

Subaru: 30 months

Suzuki: 24 months

Volkswagen: 24 months (New Beetle, City Gold, City Jetta), 36 months (all other models except Routan)

Volvo: 24 months

When you decide to replace your car’s brake fluid make sure you use the fluid that is recommended for that certain vehicle. It is better to consult the car’s manual since there are vehicles which can require DOT 3 or DOT 5 fluid.

So, now that you know why changing your car’s brake fluid is so important, do you promise to take it more seriously?