What is the best family car?


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Buying a car can be a tough task. It has so many aspects you must think of, from picking your favourite model, to choosing your ideal colour – grey was the UK’s favourite car colour for the first time in 2018. However, if you have a family, your task gets even harder as you have to take into consideration how practical the vehicle is. For example, 3-door models will be less than ideal for those needing to get a baby’s car seat in and out.  Here, we look at the best cars on the market for families.

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke is a compact crossover that was first introduced to the public in 2010. Its outlandish styling has helped it become a great performer for the Japanese manufacturer. However, while it’s exterior catches the eye, it is it the spacious interior that makes this ideal for families. Built for maximum longevity, the Juke is spacious enough to feel like a big car, without coming across as overbearing. The back seats allow plenty of room for the kids to travel, while the boot space is ample for those big weekly shops.

It’s also cheap to run and insure, meaning you can save the pennies to spend on family treats!

Volkswagen Golf

In 2018, there were 64,892 Volkswagen Golf’s registered in the UK, making it the second-most popular car of the year. This is for several reasons, including its efficient engine, excellent build quality and practicality. With the next generation of Golf set to enter production in the summer, the popularity isn’t expected to wane.

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For many families, the Golf has been the go-to model over the years. The hatchback’s safety kit is good across the range and the car’s handling ability is excellent. Its surprisingly spacious design offers enough boot space to pack the car up and go on that family road trip you’ve always dreamt of.

Mercedes Benz A-Class

Winner of the Game-changer Award at carwow’s 2018 Car of the Year Awards was the stylish yet sensible Mercedes A-Class. The eighth-bestselling car of last year, it is a class-leader when it comes to technology and build quality. It was voted the best family car worth over £28,000 by What Car? for 2019.

Ford Focus

The new models of the Focus were brought out midway through 2018 and is loaded with technology. While the affordable family car market is saturated with SUV choices, the Focus is still proving popular. It’s still a spacious model that has a decent sized boot. It scored an impressive five star-rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests in 2018, making it one of the safest cars on the market.

Skoda Octavia

You’d be forgiven for thinking of taxis when you hear the Skoda Octavia mentioned. After all, it’s been voted the second-best car for taxi drivers. Well, accompanying this accolade, What Car? also voted this the top model for families with a budget of £20,000-£28,000. The leg room available beats that on offer by many executive saloons, while its boot space is more than desirable. According to What Car? this vehicle is the ‘very definition of the ideal family car’.


Kia Ceed

The three-cylinder engine in the Kia Ceed equips it to tackle everyday driving, as well as motorway miles, with apparent ease. Coming fourth in the 2018 edition of What Car?’s reliability survey, it’s sky-rocketed to the companies pole position for family cars under £20,000.

Skoda Kodiaq

If you’re looking for a well-priced and practical large family car, the Skoda Kodiaq could be the perfect pick. Unlike some of the bigger models on the market, the Kodiaq offers ample boot space even if all seven seats are in use. In fact, even with 10 shopping bags in the boot, there is space for a stroller.

With so many models on the market, a lot depends on your budget. Be sure to shop around before finding the model that is best suited to you and your family.








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