What Driving Habits Drive British Motorists Crazy

According to a survey conducted by an online parking website, YourParkingSpace, drivers not indicating and using mobile phone when driving are two major road nuisances in the UK.

Due to rapid increase in number of vehicles in the UK (16.5% rise since 2000), drivers tend to get more frustrated, so they are more prone to create havoc on the road.

The survey took into account 1,028 UK drivers and asked them about the factors that drove them mad driving on the road. About 72% respondents reported that drivers “not giving indication” while driving maddened them the most, while 71% considered “talking on mobile phone while driving” as the most annoying factor.


Traffic jams bothered 52% respondents, while 42% reported slow driving as a major irritant.

As YourParkingSpace focuses on finding and booking parking space, people were asked specifically about problems related to parking spaces and parking charges.

56% respondents said bad parking annoys them most, while 40% indicated not being able to find a parking space as the major source of anger.

When participants were asked about parking charges, majority (48%) found parking fees too high, where 29% found them reasonable. For 23% drivers, parking was free.

The review results also unveiled that views of motorists regarding parking fees differ significantly depending on their geographic location. People residing in Scotland enjoying lots of free parking spaces found the parking charges to be reasonable, whereas those residing in England believed the fees were too high.

The opinions of genders were also different in different cases. Female drivers were more calm and tend to get less irritated than male drivers, but when it comes to drivers not giving indication and talking on phone while driving, the frustration level was equal for both.

According to Harrison Ford, Managing Director at YourParkingSpace, it was interesting to see what goes in the mind of British drivers and which driving habits annoy them the most. Drivers not indicating and talking on phone while driving are not only infuriating for other drivers, but are also dangerous for people on the road resulting in accidents due to driving distractions. He further stated that results related to parking were not surprising as parking spaces have become a scarce commodity in the recent years. The fact that vehicles are becoming greater and parking spaces are getting tinier also contribute to the situation.

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