What do BMW and Super Bowl Have in Common?

This year’s Super Bowl edition is getting closer by the minute. Only a couple of days are left until the big game is set to be played and people are already going crazy about it.

The good thing about it is that smart marketing representatives know how to get the ball rolling in their favor (no pun intended). Like the guys from BMW!

The cute BMW i3 is in the world’s attention with the latest commercial. It brings back the old times when Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric were on the set of The Today Show. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. Except for the fact that they were in the middle of a debate in which they tried to sort out the meaning of the “@” symbol.

Photo source: promotor.ro

This was happening in 1994 and the magic of the internet was still a mystery to many people. Did that stand for around, at, about? Hard to tell!

So the guys at BMW thought about recapturing the old charm of the internet dilemma and turn it into the most hilarious Superbowl commercial for their i3 electric car. This has the name of “Newfangled idea” and it travels in time 21 years to catch Gumbel and Couric in the car, having the same type of debate over the way in which the i3 works.


This commercial is not only funny but it also highlights our evolution in 20 years and the fact that “Big ideas take a little getting used to.” Do you like BMW’s idea?