We envision the Space Force-inspired Ram 1500 built for the Serve Edition

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Ram recently announced the release of the newest – and apparently last – version of his full-size 1500 pickup. Each Ram 1500 built to serve honors a branch of the U.S. military: the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. However, the recently formed Space Force in particular is missing from this list. Then how can this fifth iteration of the Ram 1500 Built to Serve be the end of the line for that particular trim when the military has six branches? We asked Ram’s parent company, Stellantis, for a response, but we haven’t received any official comment yet.

Although Ram calls the newest Coast Guard-inspired Ram 1500 built to serve pickup the “final stage” of the limited-edition truck line, the brand may at some point still bring out a Space Force-inspired 1500 model. If the earlier Ram 1500 Built to Serve trucks had something to offer, this theoretical sixth model follows a familiar formula: an interior with contrast stitching, seat-mounted Velcro straps on the seats, gray 20-inch wheels and body-colored fender flares, darkened headlight bezels, and a black one Radiator grille as well as black trim parts, badges, exhaust tips and side steps. Likewise, Ram would certainly include the 4×4 off-road package with its off-road tires, the locking rear axle, various underrun protection plates and heavy shock absorbers on the truck.

In other words, the content of a theoretical Space Force-inspired Ram 1500 built for the service is pretty predictable. What is less predictable, however, is how Ram might decide to paint such a vehicle. The brand honored the army with the colors Gator (green) and Diamond Black Crystal. the Luftwaffe with anvil (gray) and billet silver metallic; the Marine Corps with tanks (green) and flame red; and the Coast Guard with Spitfire (orange) and Bright White. What color could a Space Force-themed Ram 1500 be? Why not the room itself?

We’d love to believe that Ram would spray the truck a deep, mysterious black paint job and add stars to further drive the Space Force nook home. Sure, it would be a more expensive route than a simple flat paint, but such a color scheme would grace a limited edition model. Ram might as well spend the extra cash to properly honor the Space Force and create a Ram 1500 that really is something special.

Whether such a Ram 1500, built to serve, will ever see the light of day (or the darkness of space) is a whole other question. We doubt this given the language the brand used in the accompanying press release for the latest Built to Serve truck. Even so, stranger things have tightened, and if Ram decides to reverse course and honor the sixth branch of the U.S. military, he may want to follow our lead by giving the limited-edition truck a paint job worthy of the Space Force.

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