Ways to Accessorize Your VW Bug

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The interior space of a Volkswagen Beetle is renowned for its unexpected roominess and unique shape. VW Bug owners often like to emphasize the quirkiness of their vehicles, as they can better display their eccentricity without looking unusual on a Bug than on almost any other car. If you’re looking to design a Beetle that’s got some craft to it, knowing different ways to upgrade that interior space can make the project astronomically easier so you can get those creative juices flowing.

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Seating Upgrades

Seating design is one way to simultaneously upgrade the look and feel of the interior space. Designer seat covers or racing seats can add class and a ferocious look, respectively, while also allowing you to customize the seats to best fit your frame. As Bugs are known for their eclectic design already, installing brightly colored or patterned seat covers can be done without the worry of taking away so much of the car’s value, as would be the case more so on a Saturn or a Mercedes.

Small Touches

Sometimes, the tiniest additions are the ones that mean the most, and make the greatest impact in comparison to their size. Specially designed shift knobs can really pop, and are a great way to add color and spunk without overwhelming the rest of the interior space. Upgraded gauges can come with LED light interfaces, which add ultramodern appeal without changing the frame of the car in anyway way. Even new pedals for braking and gas can go a long way to setting your car apart from the rest of the pack.

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Inner Comfort

Many Beetle owners utilize every inch of space their car provides, making useful VW Bug upgrades among the most common additions. But usefulness doesn’t just mean boring functionality. It can also mean having a place to put that cup of coffee, or to put spare change so it doesn’t come loose in the car. The right VW Beetle armrest can be just the thing a driver needs to finish off the interior Bug upgrade, so you and your passenger can each have a drink, and have a place to put little knickknacks and such. People often joke that you don’t buy a car for its armrests and cup holders, and you probably shouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean adding nice ones in later will hurt!