Watch out! Ford Police Interceptor is here!

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We’ve seen many Police Cars Models and now Ford Police Interceptor will replace the Ford Crown Victoria, which was present for past 15 years. New model is better, innovative, safer and designed to handle the rigors of police work.

Ford Police Interceptor

Mark Fields, Ford President of the Americas declared that: “Police nationwide asked for a new kind of weapon in the battle for public safety, and Ford is answering the call with a purpose-built vehicle – engineered and built in America – that’s as dynamic as it is durable.

New model, Ford Police Interceptor was designed by Ford engineers and Ford’s Police Advisory Board of law enforcement professionals; they’ve offered provided information about vehicle attributes for functionality, safety, performance, durability and driver comfort.

Ford Police Interceptor

Ford Police Interceptor focused on safety

The Ford Crown Victoria has successfully managed the police work, but the new model is ready to pass 75 miles/h rear end crash test and uses Safety Canopy side-curtain air bag rollover system for protection from Ford, which is the best for side-impact and rollover crashes.

Ford Police Interceptor

Ford Police Interceptor with increased power

Ford Police Interceptor uses a 3.5 l V6 engine and 263 hp with E85 compatibility, two powertrain options for improved patrol requirements and a 3.5 l EcoBoost V6 twin turbocharged direct injection engine with 365 hp and 350 ft-lb of torque. The EcoBoost engine offers amazing fuel economy and small CO2 emissions.

Ford Police Interceptor

To these engines, Ford added a better 6-speed Select Shift Automatic transmission that pushes the power truth the performing torque-sensing to all-wheel drive system.

Ford Police Interceptor performance

For improved performance, Ford Police Interceptor was tested to see if it can hold up to any driving style of police officers.
The certification tests were made by LA County Sheriff Department and Michigan State Police to see if the car can resist pushed to the limits for an hour and a half, which is more of the highest patrol car experience.

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What they’ve improved?

For durability testing, they’ve improved the cooling package, the brakes, the radiator and a heavy-duty alternator.
At the interior, Ford Police Interceptor has special sculpted vinyl seats for improved legroom and 2nd row space, front seats with a lower bolster removed for better utility belts, anti-stab plates for protection, back door hinges able to open 10 degrees more than the traditional model and a column shift specially designed for police officers.

Ford Police Interceptor will be produced at Ford’s Plant in Chicago and will replace the existing Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.