Warning Signs That It Is Time To Get New Tires


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There are thing that people can get away with not caring for but one of these is not your car. Failure to maintain a car in the appropriate fashion can lead to problems compounding and ending up costing more to the owner. Even worse is that a person can put themselves unknowingly in danger if they do not keep up their car in a variety of ways. Recognizing when it is time to get new tires is one of these situations as a blown tire can end up in a fatality due to losing control of the car. If this is at high speeds injury is very likely as a blown tire on the highway is a recipe for disaster. The following are warning signs that it now time to get new tires as it could not be more important.


Tires Are Bald

The telltale sign that it is time to change the tires is that of having bald tires. This can lead to a car sliding when the breaks are slammed on causing them to coast into the car in front of them. Rain could be a nightmare especially with erratic drivers with bald tires so keep an eye out. Take a look at least once a month so you can see if you can visually tell if it is time to replace your tires. Other things to look for are cracks or gouges in the tires that might soon turn into a small leak. These will be much easier to see on a bald tire but should be checked for even if the tire still has tread.

Car Is Shaking

We have all been in a specific person’s car that has tried to convince us that the shaking of the car is normal. The shaking of the car might be normal for them but they are ignoring a sign that it is time to go get new tires. The car could be shaking due to a poor alignment which stresses tires to the maximum. Pay attention to see if your car is shaking on an otherwise well kempt highway. Certain older highways can be quite bouncy with more than a few cracks in it so this could be a false warning sign. Wait until you are on a well-maintained highway to check for shaking as this will ensure you do not make a mistake.

Tires Are Past Their Warranty

Tires have a tread warranty that can be accurate on the tires depending on the weather in your area. Those people that live in areas with extreme temperatures as well as snow or flooding need to take a look at the tires before the warranty is over. These types of areas can be very tough on tires and the manufacturer has to give a warranty that covers people all over the country so it could be inaccurate. Check monthly to see how your tires are holding up as it will only take on lap around the car to do so.

Snow Is Prevalent In Your Area

Snow can be a nightmare for tires as older tires can seem to slip and slide all over the road. There are actually snow tires that have wider treads in order to minimize this slippage. These tires are recommended in areas where it will continually snow week after week. All-season tires are better for other types of climate whereas the snow tires can be interchanged once the colder months hit. The last thing that anyone wants to do in older tires is to be on their way home from work only to find themselves unable to stop due to lack of traction.

You’ve Hit Quite A Few Curbs Or Been Involved In An Accident

There are just some people that hit curbs as a part of their driving whether it is reckless of simply clumsy. Hitting a curb hard enough can lead to tires becoming misshapen and wearing out at a much faster rate. This can also impact your alignment which will cause your car to pull to one side or the other. An alignment not being centered also will wear out two of the tires much more quickly than the others. Being involved in an accident can impact alignment as well and damage to a rim or axle can lead to severe tire problems. Finding the right new tires does not have to be difficult as calling a few tire shops or going online is all that has to be done.

If you think that it is time to change your tires the odds are that you should probably do it. Tires being in the right shape can help you avoid accidents and drive in the safest manner possible. Failure can lead to disaster so take a proactive approach to tire maintenance to reduce the chances of any tire related issues.


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