VW is building an EV with a long range and short charging time for 2026

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  • At an event detailing the goals for electrification and future technologies, VW announced that a new electric sedan is in the works to be launched in 2026.
  • Known as the Trinity, the sedan will “set new standards” for charging times, range and other technologies, VW said.
  • At the event, the automaker also presented its Accelerate Plan, according to which 50 percent of its sales in the US should be electric by 2030.

    Volkswagen is betting on electric vehicles, and at an event describing its even more aggressive future plans, the German automaker said an electric sedan was planned with the Project Trinity launch in 2026. According to VW, the Trinity sedan will set “new standards” in terms of charging speed, range and other technology.

    VW released a sketch of the Trinity showing a curved roofline similar to that of the Audi A7. Even so, VW did not go so far as to release details about the upcoming sedan beyond a level 2+ autonomous system and “technically ready for level 4”. There is no formal definition of Level 2+, but if the sedan is equipped with the correct hardware it can be upgraded to a Level 4 system with wireless updates.

    The production process for the Trinity will also differ from the practice for current vehicles. Among the differences is that there will be fewer variants and the hardware will be standardized, the automaker said. German news editor in January world reported that the new sedan will have a starting price of around $ 42,000, which would make it slightly more expensive than the Tesla Model 3.

    At the event, VW also unveiled its Accelerate Plan, a strategy the automaker will use to streamline its electric business model to make it more profitable and efficient. Part of the plan is to target 70 percent of sales in Europe and 50 percent of sales in the US and China with fully electric vehicles by 2030. To achieve this goal, at least one new electric vehicle is released every year.

    VW plans to reduce the number of variations in each of its vehicles, and personalization of a vehicle will in turn be reflected in the software for each vehicle rather than hardware changes. Customers can add features to their vehicles at any time during ownership. VW also plans to “make autonomous driving generally available” by the end of the decade.

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    Volkswagen will invest a total of US $ 19 billion in electrification and other advanced technologies by 2025. That investment isn’t quite what other automakers like GM ($ 27 billion) and Ford ($ 29 billion) have planned for these technologies.

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