Volkswagen: Looking to Have a Neutral Carbon Balance by 2050

Volkswagen up concept

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In 2019, Volkswagen decided to indicate that its core was changing. To do so, they unveiled a new two-dimension logo. What it wants to say to the world is that Volkswagen will lead the way in terms of electric cars. It states clearly that the company intends to be responsible in front of climate change and do its part to protect the environment. It’s a great time to buy a Volkswagen… or an exact smaller replica!

Volkswagen wants to become the world’s most sustainable automobile brand

There can be no doubt when it comes to the logo of Volkswagen: It is a long-standing symbol in the world of automotive and a well-known trademark. So when you decide to modify such an important part of your firm, it is normally because you want to indicate an important change occurring inside the company. That change was so crucial for Volkswagen that it decided to launch a whole information campaign around it. The goal was to explain the guiding principles behind the “New Volkswagen.”

That change is mostly aimed towards a greater sense of responsibility in the face of environmental challenges. In fact, Volkswagen has announced that it intends to have a neutral carbon balance by 2050, not just with their cars, but for the company as a whole. To achieve that goal, Volkswagen has presented their new lead technology called e-mobility that it intends to make available to millions of people, at the lowest cost possible. The brand was already popular; this should make their new models become classics in the future.

Scale model Volkswagen Cars: A must for those who love the brand

If you are a real fan of Volkswagen automobiles, you probably already have some exact replicas of Volkswagen real cars. To collect scale model cars is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Why? Simply put, the people who love cars are really fans and cannot get enough information about their favourite models. They love to examine the smaller version, looking for the little details that make the car so special in the first place.

The Volkswagen T2 Kombi is a classic and a favourite of scale model car collectors. But there are also the Passat W8 and the Golf GTE Sport Concept. Let’s not forget the Amarok Aventura pick-up truck, which is also very popular with collectors, but also with real drivers as well. It’s probable that all Volkswagen owners would love to have the same car in miniature size; just to have them inside the house as well as inside their garage.

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