Volkswagen for girls!

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I totally appreciate a well tuned car and I am fascinated by the way in which a normal car can be turned into a real jewelery. This is the case of the following example, which is dedicated, exclusively to the ladies.

Tuned by the German company MR Car Design, Volkswagen Eos is without any doubt made for the girls who are passionate about  horsepower, tuning or NFS.

Under an exaggerate exterior that combines Swarovski rose colored stones, Dunlop tires and pink painted brake calipers lies a powerful, almost manly engine that has the will to show off in spite of all this pink. It has a maximum capacity of 1,400 cc and a new exhaust system of 85 mm tips which provides a lighter and easier flow.

Moreover, Eos adds  new gauges for oil pressure, turbo boost and extra power with the miracle buttons “PushToPass” and “Sports”. And because someone desperately wants to remind us that this is a girls’ car, it fights the sporty suggestion of the shift knob and pedals taken from Volkswagen Golf GTI with a make-up kit and extra mirrors.

No comment on that!

Despite my personal opinion about the extra pink, this car remains one of the best tunings signed by MR Car Design and dedicated to women!

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