VIDEO: How does the smoking tire on the BMW M4 feel?

This new BMW M4 is a pretty controversial car. Now that the reviews are coming out there seems to be a lot of positivity about the way it drives, but there are a few negatives as well. In this new video from The Smoking Tire, we see both sides of the M4 coin.

The video is about a BMW M4 Coupé with manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. In other words, the right BMW M4. So it’s the purest, most appealing version of the car and probably the one out there for enthusiasts.

On some winding roads in California, both Matt Farah and Zack Klman find the BMW M4 to be a good driving car with sharp steering, a great drive, a good manual shifter, and a great engine. It’s also shockingly fast and surprisingly cable, even when wet.

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Neither of them seem overly thrilled to actually drive it, however. They are both impressed with what it can do, but both don’t seem to love it. Much of it depends on the size and weight. The new BMW M4 is actually wider than the old BMW M6 and almost as heavy. That’s not good for an M3.

There is also the fact that it is extremely expensive. The standard BMW M4 Coupe starts at just over $ 70,000, which is not bad. But the car tested in this video costs over $ 100,000, which is way too much for an M3 coupe. As a press car, of course, it has a ton of options, many of which are superfluous, such as the carbon package. However, some of the options are actually very nice to have as an enthusiast, but the price can easily climb over $ 80,000. That’s too much for an entry-level M4.

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