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Factory Graschaft-Gelsdorf has only 15 employees. However, together with the entire staff, the company gave birth to a new type of supercar. Veritas RS III is officially in production!
The Veritas RDS III Roadster was presented for the first time as a prototype. It won the “Best Super Car 2009” at the London Motor Show and now goes into production. Limited production, it is true, but even the 30 vehicles that will enter the market they are truly blessed to owners. Each vehicle will pass, in part, and the manual process of production to Vermot AG Gelsdorf.
It seems incredible, but there isn’t. Before it was starting to work at it, five of the 30 luxury cars have already been sold – one will go to Monaco, one in Australia, one in Britain, one in Spain and the last in Switzerland. Eight are reserved and have received over 100 applications for purchase. Obviously, before the end of the whole “Christmas package” of Gelsdorf will be sold.

Veritas RS III

“Right from the first Veritas RS III to persuade customers with a design that combines traditional and futuristic elements and thus produce an unmistakable impression overall,” said chief designer Michael Vermot AG Sohngen. He put great emphasis on scale, one case of a car being classified as “more than sports.
Shut the shark”, xenon headlights aggressive contoured sides, and behind the plate with two stainless steel evacuation point up contrasts with asymmetric roll bar integrated into your body’s airbag.

Veritas RS III

Extended mirror in the center of vehicle body components and chrome taillights zigzag design emphasizes exceptional.
Dunlop Tires – 225/30 to 325/25 in the rear and the front – of 12.5 and 10.5 inches wide, wheels “with 5-pointed star, the total height of only 97 cm – all these provide a firm control on the road. Chassis height is adjustable – “supercar” was tested for lovers of strong sensations even the Nurburgring. Drivers are more cautious, however, to fit ABS and TCS.
Technical specifications are testimony to the high demand. New Veritas, whose predecessors have participated in Formula I in the ’50s, now accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3.2 seconds. This is just one of the considerations for the car enthusiasts’ hearts will beat faster!

Veritas RS III

4.68 meters long and 2.02 meters wide. Both measures monster that has already made a sensation in Monte Carlo, in Spa. It is powered by a BMW V10 engine with 5.0 liters or 7 speeds SGM – optional! With a 6-speed, manual gearbox. 7500 engine rpm’s RDS achieve top performance: 507 hp and a top speed of 347 km / h.

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