Vantage TOPCAR GTR – Tuning for Porsche Cayenne

There are plenty of tuners ready to modify your car and TOPCAR Cayenne is one of those companies. Russia’s newest creation is called Vantage is a combination of GTR and kits Advantage GT and Vantage.
On the exterior, the German SUV has received a new body kit made of Kevlar and carbon fiber components. Thus, we find a new front spoiler and a new bonnet, while back and have made their way a new rear spoiler and a spoiler with the speaker included.

Vantage TOPCAR GTR – Tuning for Porsche Cayenne

The list includes exterior modifications and extensions to side sill wings responsible for harmony between the front and rear. Final score is on the new set of wheels and the icing on the cake is a rear door handles, which were replaced with buttons.
In addition, the TOPCAR Russians have not stopped here and were filled and the Cayenne’s interior, which offers leather, Alcantara, wood, carbon fiber and beyond.
Those who want more power from the engine of the German SUV are “invited” to appeal to the German partner 9ff.
The good news (or bad) is that Vantage TOPCAR GTR will be produced in a limited edition of only 25 copies.

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