Upcoming Trends in Car Technology


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Many big players in the automobile industry have been trying to incorporate new computer technology into cars over the past years. If you are a car enthusiast, then these trends would definitely be of interest to you. Here are some of the most popular trends that the future has in stored for us in the automobile industry.

More Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

Nowadays, we’re already seeing a lot of hybrid/electric vehicles in the market. This is to support environmental friendliness as these cars don’t make use of fossil fuel and don’t emit smoke (which happens to be one of the contributing factors of greenhouse gasses). Although there are many of these kinds of cars coming out, you can’t stop people from buying traditional types of cars because these are what most people are used to. However, in the next few years, we can expect to see many more electric/hybrid cars appear in the near future. With the supply and demand slopes shifting, we can also expect the prices for these cars to go lower and become more affordable. With this, we might see more people using electric/hybrid cars as compared to traditional vehicles.

Automated Cars

We’ve always heard about the possibility automated cars (cars that drive on their own) like what we see in the Jetsons cartoons, however, is it really possible to create those kinds of cars? The answer is yes. There are a lot of big players experimenting on the possibility of creating automated cars. Google is actually one of them. Though these cars haven’t been out on the market yet, these big names are running tests and experiments on their beta versions of an automated car. We’ll just have to wait and see how that’ll turn up.

Vehicle Biometrics

Because of computer technology, it is now possible to use your fingerprints to access information. In this case, you can actually use your fingerprints to unlock and even start your car. This is done by integrating the same biometric security features that are used for smart phones into cars. This type of technology was made to help car users have an easier time starting their cars. Having a keyless car is definitely easier than using car keys. We can expect to see more cars having this kind of feature in the following years.

Internet-Connected Car

A lot of devices seem to be able to connect to the internet these days– computers, tablets, and even phones. Would it be surprising if your car can be connected to the internet? For those who have been dreaming of this to happen, your dream might actually be coming true in the next few years. This will be a very interesting upgrade in technology as this kind of technology has only been seen in movies. According to Forbes, we’re expecting to see most cars in the market being able to access the internet already. As we speak, some corporations in the automobile industry are working mastering the creation of these types of cars.

Those are some of the upcoming trends in car technology. It seems like the future has a lot in stored for us with regard to automobile technology. Not only will we have an easier time when using our cars but we will also have a better overall experience. To see more news on cars and the industry, you can check out Comparaencasa and keep yourself updated.