Ulysse Nardin teases new vertical odyssey clock

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Discover Ulysse Nardin’s vertical odyssey

The Ulysse Nardin X Collection offers a range of luxury watches in different styles designed for watch lovers of all kinds. Each example can be inspired, be it from the five elements of nature or a geographical landmark on the planet. Ulysse Nardin hit up on Instagram to tease the upcoming unveiling of the Swiss watchmaker’s next highly anticipated piece. As part of the “Clocks and Miracles 2021” event, Ulysse Nardin described the special occasion as a “vertical odyssey” and was inspired by the deepest depths of the ocean to the highest points of the stars. Although the media and other information have not yet been released, one thing is certain: the release is sure to be celebrated by all watch enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Visit Ulysse Nardin’s Vertical Odyssey during Clocks and Miracles 2021 again to shop for all of the latest Ulysse Nardin watch collections by clicking the link below.

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