Toyota’s HiLux a car for all seasons

Some years ago, Toyota sold its first car. Although it started as just a small foreign company, now it has grown into one of the biggest brands globally. Toyota is known for its midsize and compact cars, but its truck line is also rich with history. Toyota Hilux has dominated its market segment like perhaps no other vehicle in history. The Toyota Hilux has been Australia’s top-selling vehicles, and last year the Hilux was the best vehicle in any category in Australia.

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Toyota Hilux was born in 1968, the first Toyota Hilux borrowed its 1.5L engine from the Toyoace, and in 1971 the engine was replaced with a 1.6L engine. In the year 1972, the second-generation Hilux was launched and was aimed squarely at the US market. Although the mechanicals was mostly carried from the first generation model, the wheelbase was increased by 10mm and 45mm in length for extended and standard wheelbase models. Almost six years after the second-generation Hilux, Toyota launched the third generation Hilux.  Most of the running gear was the same as the second- generation model, and the Hilux was still 2WD. The Hilux came in four extended wheelbase and three standard length models.  In the year 1979, Toyota started selling a 4WD variant of the Toyota Hilux. This fourth- generation Hilux introduced the L-series diesel engine for the third-generation on2WD models. They also introduced a 2.4-liter engine rated at 97 hp with 129lb-ft, and they came standard on the SR5 model. The sixth-generation Hilux arrived in 1997, which offers the choice of four EFI- equipped engines: 2.0-liter petrol, 2.7-liter petrol, 3.0-liter diesel and 3.0-liter turbo-diesel. The launch of seventh-generation in 2005 saw the arrival of a new five-speed automatic. Exterior styling was twisted, and the Hilux became bigger than its predecessor with the wheelbase increased by 235mm to 3085mm.

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As the popularity for Toyota Hilux begins to rise, so makes the demand for Toyota Hilux canopies. The Hilux canopy features fully framed doors, coupled with an all-important central locking system, which can be integrated with your existing vehicle key. The Toyota Hilux canopy also provides a form of security, and also add styling features for the vehicle’s appearance.

Toyota Hilux features the following: cruise control, power windows and mirrors, climate air control, seven airbags and reversing camera are standard across the range, keyless entry and push-button start, LED headlights, LED running lights, satellite navigation, DAB audio and power driver’s seat.

Toyota Hilux is really a car for all seasons with its all-wheel-drive capability, diesel economy, substantial load area, civilized road manner and cruise smoothly on an open road.