Toyota Tacoma TRD Lift Kit debuts with new Bilstein shock absorbers and cast iron spacers

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Tacoma owners now have the option to go a little higher thanks to a new suspension kit from Toyota Racing Development (TRD). The Toyota Tacoma TRD Lift Kit improves the truck’s off-road mobility with new Bilstein shock absorbers and cast iron spacers. TRD engineers specially designed and tested the new suspension kit, available for 2020 and newer Tacoma trucks.

New Bilstein shocks

The TRD kit contains new Bilstein shock absorbers with a monotube digression value, which are equipped with TRD red dust boots and “Tuned by TRD” graphics. Here’s a quick look at the front and rear setup.


The set coil spring position on the shock absorber tube allows the Bilstein units to provide an additional two inches of travel. The front shock absorbers also have an extended rebound stroke to allow for more travel.


At the rear, the Bilstein units offer a larger damper body than the standard Tacoma damper (two inches versus 1.5 inches). This larger shock absorber body houses a piston rod that is four millimeters larger than a standard Tacoma, as well as an additional volume of oil to aid heat dissipation and improve damping behavior. The cast iron spacers included in the TRD kit lift the Tacoma back an inch.

The Toyota Tacoma TRD Lift Kit contains new single-tube Bilstein shock absorbers.The Toyota Tacoma TRD Lift Kit is compatible with the vehicle’s advanced safety features (also known as the Toyota Safety Sense System). Photo: Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

Increased ground clearance

The TRD kit increases the ground clearance of the entire frame by 1.7 inches. The kit also improves the approach angle (+3.1 to 32 degrees), the roll-over angle (+1.6 to 23 degrees) and the take-off angle (+0.5 to 24 degrees).

Prices & availability

The Tacoma TRD Lift Kit comes with all of the hardware required for installation and is available as a dealer installed option. The suggested retail price is $ 1,350 excluding labor (estimated at four to five hours). The Tacoma TRD Lift Kit is available for all V6 4 × 4 models from 2020, with the exception of the double cabin long bed Tacomas and TRD Pro. 2WD and four cylinder models are also excluded.

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Toyota Tacoma TRD Lift Kit Gallery

Photos & Source: Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

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