Toyota Scion iQ


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Scion, Toyota Division dedicated to customers in the U.S. has created a concept called IQ or that wants a competitor on the U.S. and other vehicles such as young and lovely Cube Nissan and Kia Soul. Based on the compact car but small IQ Toyota, Scion seems a little more thunderous, both externally and externally, than the cousin who gets it.

Toyota Scion iQ

The firm behind the design of the Scion tuner IQ is the Toyota Five Axis. It opted for the 18 inch wheels, a very aggressive kit, evacuation, and it has a location and an interesting shape.
Inside we can put three adults and a child; back seats can be a discount.
Power is provided by a 1.3 liter engine and 93CP car also benefiting ABS system and stability control.
In case it decides to Toyota Scion producing IQ for the U.S., higher then space, handling and appearance of the original increase might seem success among Americans.

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