Toyota Auris hybrid-Review for the most beautiful hybrid

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I do not know if you can use for comparison in terms of quality hybrids in the market, but it seems that Toyota Auris hybrid car is the most interesting from the perspective of the system and general elements.

Let’s speak, first about the engine (not gasoline) is a continuous source of energy for the other (the power) when the car can be used by one or two engines to generate its performance. And further on this thread, any time of respite for both engines, any engine brake or simply lifting your foot off the accelerator pedal will turn the electric engine into a dynamo that charges car “batteries”.

Toyota Auris hybrid

So, if you hit the clutch before the brake pedal, foot on brake underlying any slope or even drive like a racing driver, Toyota Auris Hybrid is a perfect car. Toyota Auris Hybrid makes it in place and, moreover, fails to reduce gasoline consumption!

Toyota Auris hybrid interior
Unlike other systems that use two types of propulsion system, Toyota hybrid electric engine allow to draw one of the wheels. Obviously everything has a limit, so Toyota Auris hybrid not exceeds 50 km/h in electric mode. No car to a strong acceleration does remain in electric mode, but automatically propulsion porridge classic, in this case a 1.8-liter gasoline engine.

Toyota Auris hybrid

If you want to know which of the two engines running at one time, nothing simpler. On board everything is suitably marked. Each of the two systems of propulsion has its socket, with its indicators. The only time the two engines work in parallel at full capacity is that of intense application acceleration. Toyota Auris hybrid will force you to drive cautiously and quietly.

Toyota Auris hybrid touch
In such a car, the gearbox is completely automatic. It is automatic and very “smooth”, given its conical construction, which feels at the driver’s and passenger seat, but as a careful and continuous acceleration, nothing truer because there are no separate sprockets.

Toyota Auris hybrid

Eventually, nothing is what it seems. MUST be something hidden… Well, there is a perverse reverse in terms of the Auris. The car is what is sold and, in principle, be communicated by the manufacturer. Toyota Auris is a compact Japanese hybrid – the feeling is strong and continuous – Hybrid powerful, easy to drive and very stable; that perhaps it is more difficult because of the batteries.

Toyota Auris hybrid final review
If I can say that I did not like, it’s hard to identify such a speck of dust; maybe the price, about 24,000 euros. If it would be in my garage, I wouldn’t like the cost of maintaining it and changing hybrid or semi-consumable supplies by 150 thousand km.

Other thing about the Toyota Auris Hybrid is that it’s too small for one family, with relatively small compartment, insufficient tribute that the Hybrid’s battery charged bed. Otherwise, let’s go hybrid with the Toyota Auris hybrid!

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