Top Toyota Tuning Tips Everyone Should Know!


We all know that Toyota cars are some of the most-reliable autos in the world. The Japanese firm spends billions of dollars ensuring that the cars they build won’t fall apart on you. Even when there are problems, their recall programs take care of things with no inconvenience to car owners.

Despite that peace of mind, some Toyota owners fail to maintain their cars when they’re supposed to. That often ends up with a car that uses more gas than it should, and general rough running problems.

If you’ve somehow ended up with a Toyota that feels like it’s a shadow of its former self, all is not lost. In today’s blog post, I will share with you some top tuning tips so that your pride and joy performs well again!


Credit: juanelo242a

Get a full service carried out on your Toyota

I know this might sound obvious to you. But if your Toyota isn’t performing as it should, the first step should be to get a full service carried out on your car.

A full service is more than just an oil and filter change. The spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter should also get replaced. Has your Toyota done more than 100,000 miles from new? If so, you should also change the spark plug ignition wires and the ignition module as well.

Have your auto shop check the condition and charge level of your battery. For batteries that are more than five years old, get a new one fitted regardless of condition. Batteries start to degrade after around five years of use. Be sure to recycle your old one!

Consider running some engine flush through your motor

Before your car goes in for a service, consider asking the auto shop to run some engine flush through the motor first. The benefit of engine flush is that it loosens up any thick carbon deposits inside of the motor.

Such deposits can cause valve problems, especially when you start your Toyota from cold first thing in the morning. Never run engine flush after a service, as you will have to pay for a new oil and filter change again!

Use genuine parts

Some car owners use aftermarket service parts on their cars. Whilst doing that saves money, it can harm their cars in the long run. The thing is; some aftermarket parts are of inferior build quality.

Genuine parts from Inchcape Toyota in Battersea, for example, are your best bet. You will know that your mechanical friend will not have a meltdown because something on the motor doesn’t fit right!

Take a trip down the highway

One of the worst things you can do to any car is just drive it on short journeys only! Cars run at their best when you make them work hard, and the only way you can do that is by going on a trip down your local highway.

You could also give your car a “Ferrari” tune-up at the same time. All you have to do is drive in a lower gear so that the engine revs higher than usual. It’s a great way to burn off carbon deposits in your motor.

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