Top Motor Caravan Interior Features For The UK


It is almost impossible to say which is the best motorhome on the market, as this all depends on your lifestyle and needs, and, of course, how much money are you willing to spend on personal comfort. However, there are a few interior features you should absolutely check out before signing any contract.

Seating or Bedding

Before buying a motorhome or caravan, assess your needs. Will a two-berth be enough, or should you go for the four-berth option?

Some vehicles come with foldable beds you can put away during the day, leaving you with plenty of seating an area to play card games on the road. Other types of motorhomes are equipped with fixed beds, in which case you might have to compromise a bit on living space.

However, the best models have so-called island beds, which means you can get in on both sides. It’s a bit like your bed at home. However, this type of bed can only work in larger motorhomes, which are more expensive.

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Bathroom and Shower

Life on the road is not only for the young. Many families with kids decide to pack their bags and leave the old brick house behind. There are also retiree couples who decide they want to see the world, and they’re not willing to compromise on personal comfort, which is understandable.

You can find various motorhome models equipped with water tanks so you can take a shower every night. Also, having a toilet on board is a necessity for many people. You can, of course, pitch your motorhome near a restroom, but nobody likes to have to go out in the middle of the night for a bathroom trip.

If you’re interested in personal comfort, you should buy a more recent model, preferably a new vehicle, so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs. A new motorhome is more expensive than a secondhand one, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you buy through a lending provider like Auto Finance.

Do your research by reading How to Finance A Caravan Or Motorhome On Almost Any Budget. The average monthly payment on a new caravan is around £150, which is quite affordable.

Cooking Area

Most caravans and motorhomes come equipped with a fridge, which works on gas or electricity. However, do not expect a large kitchen unless choosing a luxury model.

What you should look for is a caravan or campervan with a kitchen that can be moved outside when you want to cook. This gives you more room, avoids all sorts of smells or smoke invading your living quarters and, most importantly, enables you to enjoy dining al fresco when you pitch your caravan for the night. A foldable table and chairs are a good option as they can easily be set up outside.

An Awning

Some motorhome models come with an awning option, but for others, you will have to purchase it separately. Either way, it is worth the money.

An awning is basically a tent you pitch up on the side of the caravan and it is great to have one when it rains. Use the space under the awning to cook, spend some family time playing with the kids, or even sleep outside in fine weather.

Final Tip: Storage Space

Living on the road means travelling light. But you still need some storage space for clothes, kitchen utensils, tools, and the kids’ games and plushies.

Before buying a motorhome check out the storage space situation and see if you can make do with the existing space. You might also want a rack for your bicycle because you’ll want to stretch your legs after driving all day.

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