Top 8 Mistakes You Should Avoid Before You Buy a Car


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Buying a car may not be a big deal, except that it needs a bit of cautiousness and understanding. Especially, if you are a first time purchaser, then there are a few obvious mistakes that you are bound to stumble upon. Hence, having a profound knowledge about car buying will save you from committing the common mistakes. In fact, the awareness and precautions will make you a smart purchaser instead of a victim.

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So, here you go with some mistakes that you should avoid before buying any car.

  1. Dearth of Study

Well, this is one of the most common mistakes that you all are prone to do. While buying a car, you tend to rush with the process of purchasing and refrain from doing a meticulous research on the car, the brand and the seller. Thus, avoid doing this mistake and research on the car’s safety, resale worth, maintenance, repairs, recalls, etc.

  1. Impulse Purchase

Many a times, you often tend to fall prey to your uncontrollable emotions and that’s the worst thing. In fact, you are likely to be caught by the sales tricks of the aggressive sales representatives. They are trained to persuade us to buy the car. So involving emotions into car purchase is the second common mistake that you must avoid when you buy any car.

  1. Impracticable Needs

Being a car shopper, remember to buy the car that completely fits your actual and present needs, instead of your perceived needs. Hence, if you plan to own a small car, don’t end up buying a SUV thinking that it will satisfy your future desires.

  1. Ignoring Car Insurance

Well, that’s another common error that you often have a tendency to do. Have you given a call to the insurance agent to get a quote for the car you want? Also, if you are contemplating on upgrading your car to a brand new one, you need to inquire about changes in insurance costs.

  1. True Cost Of The Car

How many of you decide the budget encompassing all the possible costs of your car? No doubt, most of you calculate the budget depending on just the tangible cost of the car. However, you tend to overlook the car’s hidden or miscellaneous costs like bills you pay for gasoline cost, fuel cost, insurance cost, tax, maintenance, repair, parts replacement cost, etc. So, while deciding your budget, do not forget to incorporate these costs too.

  1. Buying At The Last-Ditch

Purchases at the last week of a month or a year may be unprofitable as you are likely to run out of finance at the end moment. On the contrary, it’s at the last week of the month or year that the dealerships and salesmen attempt to optimize their profits and get rid of the old stocks.

  1. Ignoring Used Car

Do not be biased while deciding whether you want a used car or a new car. Both have their merits and demerits. Hence, go for the one which is ideal for your purpose after balancing the pros and cons. There are good used markets like Car Supermarket Scunthorpe where you can get lucrative deals on buying used cars.

  1. Avoiding Finance

Often a time, you pay full cash for the car, which has certain setbacks. You can avoid doing this mistake by apply for financing your desired dream car.