Top 5 USA Cars that Look Great in Red

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Every kid in the world wants a shiny red car. It is a natural instinct. Red means passion, red means speed. In fact a survey showed that people thought Red color cars were more likely to be ticketed for speeding.
Nothing comes better in red than a brand new Ferrari. Ferrari is anyway known for its speed and looks. All the cuts and features get amplified by the blood-red body paint.

Red Ferrari

There are many other cars that look great in red. In fact the most iconic images of these cars were the ones in which these cars were red.

Porsche 911 GT, Chevrolet Corvette, Lamborghini, Mercedes are 4 others that just look adorable and stylish in red. As the black color is the ever green fashion statement color for attire, similarly ‘Red’ is the ‘Black’ of cars. It was even a joke that insurance quotes for red cars would be more expensive.

Red Porsche 911 GT

Red will not look good on a station wagon. It will look comic. Red is like a tight t-shirt, don’t wear it if you don’t have the body for it. Red needs to zip by like a blur.
The Chevrolet Corvette has been one of the most popular muscle cars in the USA for long. Its best models were always pictured in red. After all it’s a big, powerful, testosterone filled car and nothing does justice to it like red paint.

Red Chevrolet Corvette

The Mercedes models look best in black and silver some would say, but many movies which featured Mercedes getaway cars usually showed them in red. A fine example is the French movie ‘Taxi’ where German bank robbers use a Mercedes to make getaways. They are shown as arrogant fools who think their fast German engineered car cannot be defeated, especially when it was a fiery shade of red. Most people will themselves think like this if they own a fast red car.

Red Mercedes

Red too has many shades but the most popular by far is the brightest, blood red color that is a must-buy for every speed car enthusiast.

Black will never fade away from style in fashion and Red will never fade away from fast stylish cars. Give me red!

The DuPont 2008 car report (DuPont makes a lot of car paint in USA) shows that it is in fact White, followed by Black that are the most popular colors. Red has only an 11% share but ask any man or woman with speed racer blood in their veins. It’s either red or dead, they’ll say. This DuPont data is such because most people buying cars for family/official. They usually choose ‘sober’ colors like black/white. Red is too gaudy for most, too sexy and too hot to handle. It’s like the tiny little red dress, only the most awesomely beautiful divas can carry it off.

Red Lamborghini

Most will say Lamborghinis can only be yellow, but they look as impressive in a red paint that just floors their slam-bang upward opening doors’ appeal. Red means sex appeal. An Oxford research study threw up some pretty interesting stuff – those who chose silver were people with “naked ambition”. Those who chose red were more likely to be ‘attention-seekers’.

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