Top 5 Tips to Maintaining a VIntage Car

Maintaining vintage cars can be very satisfying, fun and something that anyone will be proud about. Just maintaining a classic car in perfect condition even after years of going out on the road can give the owners of such vehicles an amazing sense of accomplishment. But then returning a vintage car back to its old glory is one grand thing and maintaining it is yet another all-together.

There are various factors that one must take into account when keeping a vintage car looking its best and is in its optimal working condition with all its functionalities. Here are 5 golden tips that vintage car owners swear by, when it comes to maintaining their classic baby.


Appropriate Storage: The most basic tip for maintaining a vintage car would be proper storage from a reputable company such as Auto Vault. Make sure you pick a place that protects your car from the external elements; that would include whether conditions, be it snow, rain, and humidity or blinding sunlight that can ruin the polish, get the car rusted and damaged in other ways. When you decide on keeping the car indoors in a garage for a long time (like during the winters), make sure that you take care of various factors like greasing, waxing and draining out fluids. If you plan on keeping the car indoors for shorter periods of time then make sure it is protected just as much from the elements. The garage must have a good alarm system and secure doors; a good car is sure to attract car thieves or even pesky people who would like to scratch your car for the heck of it.

Maintaining a Vintage Car

Oil must be changed regularly: If you would like to keep your classic car in a good running state, make sure that you change the oil as regularly as possible. Ideally, if you can change the oil every 2000 miles, it will keep the engine is great shape. But before you drain it to wash, so take the car for a drive for about 2 miles.

Actually, Take Your Car Out for Drives: A lot of vintage car owners’ end up keeping their cars in the garage the whole time while they use their regular cars to get around. Like a lot of electronics, cars also need to be used at regular healthy intervals to keep it in its best condition. Fuel running in the engine and fresh air in the mechanical parts is crucial.

Vintage Car

Overheating Must be Avoided: Car engines for as long as ever, have been designed to handle overheating, but older cars have lesser capacity to handle over-heating. Make sure your car does not get overheated. If your car does get over heated, make sure you take it to a reliable Mot and servicing Hudderfield like that can do a great job when it comes to servicing vintage cars.

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