Top 5 Strange Auto Races


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Who doesn’t enjoy a great auto race? It has everything you could possibly wish for: adrenaline, fast cars, suspense and entertainment. Formula 1 is by far the most famous auto competition that is savored by the audience with every competition. But is there any specific element that defines a race of this type. Would this generate the same feelings if it were a different type of race?

Check out the following top which includes 5 of the strangest auto races in the world. They might use distinct cars but they all seem just as fun.

Top 5 Strange Auto Races

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No. 5 – Carpocalypse Ambulance Chain Race – the episode of the ambulance chain race is probably one of the funniest and interesting ones so far. This was presented on Spike-TV and put together some of the most bizarre races in the history (school buses and blindfolded trailer races are just some examples). But you might wonder what a chain race is. This is a race that takes place between vehicles that tow other vehicles using chains. So imagine people who are crazy about driving ambulances  that tow other cars behind them. What comes out of that? A lot of wacky fun, torn-off bumpers and spinning cars? And if it’s not safe spinning behind an ambulance, I don’t know what is.

No. 4 – Combine Harvester Racing – it’s like watching dinosaurs running after each other. Drifting, smoke blowing through their nostrils and speed (in the limit of their capacity). What can be better than this?

No. 3 – The King of the Hammers – this is a race that takes place in Johnson Valley, California, every year. The circuit extends on 135 miles and it includes extremely  difficult desert racing and rock crawling tasks. This competition is open to people form all around the world and those who do want to participate have to make sure their cars are ready for it. Because less than 45% of those who entry manage to actually finish the race. So as you can imagine this is no piece of cake!

No.2- Lawn Mower Race – yes, you read it correctly. If you enjoy mowing your lawn or you simply want to participate in a crazy race (cutting blades off) then you should get your vehicle and sign it. This is the clear example that even a daunting task can become a competitive sport if there are enough people to believe in it.

No. 1 – Reverse Racing – and finally you have the fairest of them all. Because what can go wrong when you try to drive your car in reverse? A bit of chaos, a lot of adrenaline and fun. If you don’t believe it, watch the video below and you’ll see for yourself!

In what race would you enter?

Source: Jalopnik, PM