Top 5 October Car News

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1. BMW from Toyota
According to the last news, BMW could use the Toyota IQ platform in the future to produce its new vehicle. In this way, the Bavarian producer could save time and money, not negligible factors when you want to launch a new model. In exchange, Toyota could receive the Mini Coupe platform to develop a new model.

2. A3 with 1.2 liter engine
Audi will replace the base engine of 1.6 liters and 103 hp of Audi A3 model with a 1.2 liter TSI unit. The little engine is powerful (105 hp), even more powerful than the predecessor model, and the torque is bigger than the previous model, 200 Nm instead of 148. The maximum speed with the new engine will be of 190 km/h, and the consumption of 5.5 liters on 100 km.

3. Colorful rims
The Schmidt Revolution tuning firm comes with a new rims idea for those who wants to change them, without effectively change them. I know it sounds pretty strange, but I will explain this. Called “Mystic”, the new aluminum rims comes with a set of metals (black, white, chrome and red) that can be applied very easy, changing the color of the existing rims in the shortest time.

Mystic Rims

4. 5 Star Cars
EuroNCAP made public the last results of tests that are for safety of cars commercialized in Europe. From those eight tested cars, seven received five-star score, the highest score. From this group, the greatest cars are Honda Insight and Toyota Prius that offers the greatest regulations ever that will be present starting with 2012.

5. S-Mercedes cu 4 cylinders
First S class 4-cylinder engine from Mercedes history is a bi-turbo of 2.1 liter that develops 224 hp, the maximum torque being of 500 Nm. These remarkable performances are completed by 5.9 liters/100 km consumption and 155 g/km carbon dioxide emissions.

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