Top 5 Important Tips When Buying Your Teen a Car


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So it’s that time of the……life/year again! It’s time to get your teen the first car of their driving existence. And you have to think about it carefully. This is the car that your kid (who now thinks he’s the only adult in the world) will learn how to perfect his driving and most probably the car that he will smash into a post mail for the first time.

Good memories, I tell you! As long as it’s nothing serious and you teach him or her the responsibility of what it means to be a good driver. But let’s come back to the car. What should you keep in mind when buying your teen’s first car?

Buy a Car for Your Kid -the Smart Way

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Insurance – young people are doomed to pay more for auto insurance. Why? Because they are young and therefore they are considered to be reckless drivers. In the majority of cases this is true, but you should know that there are some insurance companies which offer discounts to drivers who have completed a driver’s education course.

Test-Drive – if this is not a surprise for your kid, take them with you and let them have a test-drive. It is extremely important to them to feel comfortable in their future car. And don’t forget to take notes about every little detail: noise, steering, sound system, etc.

Do Your Homework– if your teen has an idea on the model of the car that they want to, checking a few websites to get more information on these models is the key  to success. Some great suggestions would be Car and or EdmundsCheck them, they won’t let you down!

Set Your Budget – This is yet another extremely important aspect when buying a new car for your teen.  Giving that it is their first car, you might want to head towards the used car option. This will not only help you save money but it will also provide a reliable option for your kid. This way you will be sure that the new car won’t let them down when they least expect it to.

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Features You Must Remember – there are some safety features that you must remember when buying a new car, be it old or new: (ABS) – this will prevent the wheels from stopping during violent braking, thus helping the driver maintain steering control (perfect for inexperienced drivers). (ESC) – with this feature, the car won’t rotate when going through a fast turn, especially on bad weather. And last but not least, side air bags. This type of air bags can offer real protection in case of an impact (think of those accidents that happen in intersections).

Keep these things in mind when buying your kid a new car and you will make the perfect choice!