Top 5 2010 Green Car Concepts

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This decade for automobile industry from around the globe, is a revolutionary one that keep evolving at the centered theme of green car concepts. As different makers and brands keep introducing new to newer models of cars and vehicles, a comparative review is helpful for everyone to understand the matter.

Let us have a look at the top 5 2010 green car concepts in this review.

1. BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series
This car is unlike the roadster from their Z series but is geared with most advanced ActiveHybrid technology along with EfficientDynamics. You will enjoy the robustness of 300HP turbo and the Brake Energy Regeneration system.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series

The outlook appears to be something not so stunning and internal mechanism and engineering have been modeled for electricity consumption and conversion only. It needs more work done on it to have a Hybrid sensation.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series

The specialty of the car is in it regeneration capabilities of power if the battery is failing to supply.

2. Toyota FT-CH
This car reflects better sense of green car concept as if you look at it you will find it is fully designed and engineered on a hybrid concept. With compact look from the exterior, riders can be amazed to find the interior spacious seating rooms.

Toyota FT-CH

The Future Compact Hybrid is designed for electric lithium battery charging system. The car will be available in market in 2015. It is apparent that the car is extended modified and re-engineered version of Toyota Prius.

3. Chevy AVEO RS
This car in blue is stunningly too cool to be a hybrid. Especially the design is so rocking at interior and exterior, it pleases eyes. It is a potential car with its EcoTEC capabilities and hybrid power conversion turbocharged six speed transmission system.


This car is designed to resemble more aggressiveness than Chevy Aveo. Much of the work for this green car of 2010 is done in its design than its engineering and technological capabilities. Still, it looks to be the one that would be impressive at the end.

4. Peugeot SR1
This would be a choice car for many for its great outlook. Its design is done solely on the hybrid concept keeping the internal combusting engine to drive the front wheels while the rear by electric motor.

Peugeot SR1

Peugeot SR1

This is 16 valve turbocharged engine capable for 218 horsepower generation at front while 95 by the rear electric motor. This totals in astounding 300+ hp for a hybrid. Wow! This car would be top preference for many as 2010 green car.

5. MINI Beachcomber
The MINI Beachcomber is yet to be unveiled to public. However much speculation is already spreading about it as this is going to be the largest of all hybrids with four wheel drives.

MINI Beachcomber

With bigger shape and size this beachcomber is labeled to have super capabilities as hybrid and would be suitable at industrial level. Where ever people use it, this going to be tough one with four wheel drive and bigger size.

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