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Aston Martin DBS Superior Black Edition

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What Are The Top 4 Aston Martin Models?

Anyone who has any amount of Aston Martin experience will know that these heritage cars are smooth, powerful and very aesthetically appealing. But, what are the best 4 Aston Martin models of all time? We think we have found them. Read on to find out about our top 4.

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Photo Source: Fiskens
  1. The DB6 Volante

Sleek, smooth and offering a great driving experience as it purrs along, this convertible is all that you need to arrive in style. Produced between 1965 and 1971, this model is currently going for around £900, 000. Why is this price so high? It may be something to do with the fact that Prince William and Kate Middleton drove in one of these convertibles for their wedding.

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  1. The V8 Vantage

Released in 2006, the V8 Vantage has earned the accolade of being Aston Martin’s best selling car of all time. Made for the road, this model is very fast, which may be the reason for its popularity. The Vantage S model can reach a top speed of 205 mph and it can do 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds. The V8 Vantage is still being made today, and can be snapped up for a cool £140, 000 – plus.

V12 Vantage Zagato
Photo Source: Evo
  1. The V12 Vantage Zagato

This car looks very sexy, in both its forms: the Zig (green) and Zag (red). And, as it is made to be raced competitively, should you so desire, it offers great speed and acceleration. Many people choose this vehicle because of the impressive sound it makes whilst revving up: all that you want from a car that says ‘turn around and look at me!’ Want one? The V12 Vantage Zagato can be yours for around £396, 000.

The Coal Scuttle aston martin
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  1. The Coal Scuttle

Now, this probably isn’t a car that you would think of driving to work. But, we felt that it deserved a mention on the list because it was the very first Aston Martin ever made. Produced in 1914 by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin, this vehicle was designed for racing and it looked like – yes, you guessed it – a coal scuttle. Though it would definitely feel somewhat bumpy to a driver accustomed to vehicles with modern suspension, the Coal Scuttle was capable of tearing along at up to 115 mph. It might be argued that these vehicles are priceless, but they have been known to go for in excess of £5 million at auction.

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