Top 3 expensive car accidents!

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Since the end of the year is getting closer and closer, we have decided to do a short top 3 in which to include some of the most expensive and spectacular car accidents registered during the entire year 2011.

3. Ferrari 599 GTO. The cause of this accident is of course, excessive speed. This car’s mileage blocked at 250 km/h when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The result could have been even more catastrophic than in the picture, so “Thank God!”.

2. Nissan GT-R. Next on the list is Nissan GT-R driven by someone who strongly believes in NFS and thinks that this also applies in real life. The action takes place in Russia. Watch this funny video to see what I am talking about!

Nissan GTR_accident

 1. Ferrari F40. Number 1 is occupied by another Ferrari which seemed to be in an unjustified hurry. This 500.000$ car had the same problem like the rest of them: excessive speed and too much unconsciousness.

Let’s hope 2012 will be a better year, where drivers are more aware of their role in society and the guys from auto repairs have less work on their hands!