Top 3 Auto Games

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Today was a very hasty day for me and all I wanted to do was get out of this world and play something to relax. Pretty easy, right?

And since there is no use in mourning over lost causes, playing a video game sounds better than work in any language. But what kind of game, auto game since we are at this topic is better?

1. Probably number one on any list would be Pimp My Ride (Truck, Monstertruck, Porsche, Jeep & co.). You know the drill: changing your car in a totally awesome way- spoilers, flames, wings, chromes and much more.

2. The second one is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Awesome PlayStation game which combines the luxury of Miami with fast, tuned cars.

3. And last but not least, Virtual Car Tuning. The name says it all, you just have to tune cars in a personalized style. Have fun with it and voila.

These are just some of the titles which make my day, regardless of the circumstances.

Which are your top 3?