Top 10 Pink Tuning Cars

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Pink is a color truly devoted to women. It’s quite fashionable and trendy to move around in your pink car representing elegance and beauty. Pink tuning cars are gradually becoming a trend among women these days. For all the ladies who are thinking of getting their cars in this lovely color of pink, a top 10 list is provided. Here is the list of the world’s most exotic and beautiful pink colored cars:

Pink corvette

Pink corvette

Pink Corvette represents the classic corvette designing and detailing and fulfilling the latest drifts. Among these, a fully working AM and FM radio and reverse tail lights, functional headlights, and direction signals are included. The transmission has the speed of 2.5 and 5 mph and reverse speed of 2.5 mph. There are numerous sound effects as well including engine ignition when the key is rotated, revving Corvette engine noise and horn. There is an electrical system with twin rear wheel drive motors that are of 12 volt, and blow molded wheels along with the traction strip. The pink corvette has seat belts provided with hook and loop closure. There are also side mirrors with reflective surface for your safety purpose. Moreover, pink corvette features the convenient cup holder that grasps your child’s favorite beverage.

Pink R8

Pink R8

Pink R8 is a cool model. It is very elegant and beautiful. Despite its charming pink color, R8 is R8.

Nissan Micra C+C

Pink Nissan Micra C+C

The Nissan Micra C+C are an outstanding super mini convertible. It has a fine electrically handled glass roof plus a very comfortable ride. It pink color is eyeing catcher. Nissan’s Micra C+C is a beauty and placed in the category of the stylized cars around.

VW bug

Pink VW bug

VW bug is from top to the bottom, ranging from interior to its exterior, Barbie doll car. VW bug convertible has left no detail incomplete. It has interior of white custom leather and convertible top to the hand stitched floor mats. Pink colored quilted leather lining door pockets and arm rests enhancing its attraction. And even the dipstick is painted to remind you of your favorite lipstick.

Pink Honda Civic

Pink Honda Civic

Pink modified Honda is an attractive model. With a beautiful pink color, it is no doubt an eye catcher. It is very well suited for students and students who want to look stylish and attractive.

Bottlenose, It’s a pink panther

Pink Bottlenose car

It’s another pink beauty, with its unique and stylish look surely grasp your attention.

Corvette II

Pink Corvette II

This model is also very cool. With all its pink beauty and attractive finishing, it is getting popularity among pink lovers.

Audi TT coupe

Pink Audi TT coupe

The Audi TT coupe is as nice to drive and use as it is to look at. It has a beautifully built. Moreover, the cheaper model is affordable to own.

Ford’s Thunderbird

Pink Ford Thunderbird

Over the years, this car has earned its place. Ford’s Thunderbird is a very cool car, stylish and beautiful. It’s truly trendy to own this beauty.

Pink mini cooper

Pink mini cooper

It is a small sized car with a beautiful pink color, has its unique style.

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